Monday, June 01, 2015

Plus Size Shorts

I especially like The Curvy Fashionista’s post about 20 Plus Size Shorts to Keep You Chic in the Heat.

I do wear shorts and found myself putting on a pair of Baby Phat shorts I brought some years ago, which are along the lines of cut offs with a bit of flash! Real different for me.

 I decided I liked this more playful look and went to check out the available Baby Phat Plus Size Shorts, New with Tags at eBay stores. Not much at the moment, but they do have some in sizes 18, 22 and 24W and one pair for $39.98 available in sizes 14, 18, 20, 22 and 24…

Here is a look at some of Fashion to Figure’s current selection of

Plus Size Shorts and Skorts

While they do have one cut off and two cuff types of jeans shorts, they also have these Summerly Ponte Zip Skorts, in this pink, which I thought were quiet nice!

They have a discount across the tops of their pages now too! They often do! This sweet and chic style is currently on sale for $16!

The following are just pictures but you can use this Take 20% OFF all orders at whe you use code AFFFTF20! Excludes Squeem 4/27 - 6/30 discount link to go there!

They also have a Skort that looks like a skirt from the front, black with asymmetrical angled chevron / floral print. As they describe it: Sweet meets Edgy and currently on sale for $18, but down to size 3

These stretch high waist shorts are available in their red color in sizes 0 to 3 and are $22.50, at full price!

One thing I like about Fashion to Figure, not unlike many styles we can get new with tags at eBay stores, they are often affordable at full price!

Here is one of the jeans style shorts they currently have, which are down to sizes 20 and 24 in light blue, for $28.50

So apparently Fashion to figure has shorts in sizes such as women’s plus sizes 0 to 3X as well as women’s plus sizes 12 to 26.

OK, so it has been a long time since I purchased shorts, likely normal for a women who wears cut offs.
That said, it has been nice wearing something a bit nicer than my usual cut offs!
Perhaps I will take up at least shorts browsing after all. I should, as some of those cut offs are thread bare in wrong places, and it is only June 1st…

In the relatively near future I will regale you with the currently 3 part saga of;
Finding my New Bra Size
Right now, between parts 2 and 3,
I am depressed and wearing a not quite good fitting bra…
Yes. It was better to put my attention on shorts until I find out what this last bra purchase,
(trying new brand for me and size),
turns out to be like.

Be ready for the Heat!


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