Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fantasie’s Rebecca Spacer Bras

These Fantasie bras won The Undies Judges’ Selection of Best Full Figure T-Shirt Bras for 2013!

You can get these highly rated, cooler for summer Fantasie Rebecca Spacer T-Shirt Bras, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices at eBay stores! Today I am finding 154 of them starting at $25, (that one is a size 40E)!

Fantasie’s Rebecca bras normally cost $72 and come in sizes 30 - 36D to GG, 38D to G and 40D to FF, at Her Room, slightly less sizes at Bare Necessities. Her Room has them in the most sizes and colors and on sale in their purple color, for $39.95! Clicking on this bras picture below will take you to them at Her Room.



What is a Spacer Bra?

Spacer bras use a light weight, breathable foam cups which fit like a second skin. This is more comfortable in the warmer weather and the foam cups will mold to your own shape. Some other Spacer bras are Elomi’s Hermione bras, Chantelle’s Sublime bra collection and some of their C-Chic bras now come in spacer foam cup styles.

Such as this full cup C-Chic Chantelle bra style below at Her Room, who has these in the most colors, on sale in their red, this green below and violet colors, as well as orange, nude and black in sizes 30D to G, 32 – 36B to G, 38B – F and 40B to D.

This Chantelle bra style costs $68 full price and its sale colors, at Her Room, are $50.

Why Women Like the Rebecca Spacer Bras

25 of the 27 Curvy women who reviewed these bras at Bare Necessities give it a 4.5 Star. Most find it very supportive.

Of its total 51 reviews at Bare Necessities 20 say:

  • The straps style in place
  • 19 consider it High Quality and 
  • 16 feel this bra style is a wardrobe Must Have 
  • The majority feel the spacer padding of this style is very thin, adding no discernible cup size. 
 Reviewers at Her Room

Often comment on this style’s great:

  • Support
  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Custom fit of it’s molding to your shape cups, The cups are thin enough to have some nipple show through on cold days, just so you know.
  • Dries quickly
  • Great Natural Shape
  • Holds everything in
  • Smooth 

So if these bras come in your size range, and you like the fit of Fantasie bras, this would be an excellent style to try.

I noticed it a while back when it first came out because I found it to be an exceptionally pretty for a T-Shirt bras. Apparently this bra goes way beyond visually beauty and if it came in my size I would love to try it!

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