Thursday, January 29, 2015

Curvy Kate, up to J cup, Bra style $29 Less

Lately I have been browsing a new bra brand. Owing to health related diet and exercise I need a 32 band and, sadly, last time I looked Elomi bras start at 34…
I found Freya fits well, except my wallet…
Also, I prefer to buy bra brands I am completely confident, fit wise, from eBay stores, to save $...

Bigger Bras’ maintains, per their handy size comparison chart, group 3, here), that Curvy Kate bras fit the same, cup size wise, as Freya.

I went looking for Curvy Kate bras, recalling how they seemed less expensive. I found them priced about the same as Fantasie, Panache, Elomi and Freya. Gulp!

I pressed on to find them for less at Figleaves. I so routinely find bra sized swimwear for less at Figleaves that keep that posted at the top right of this site’s sister site’s page here.

Here is an example of the $29 price difference in a Curvy Kate Bra style at full price:

Dare Plunge Bras $74 or $45

If you click on this picture of this Curvy Kate bra style you can find it in most of the 28DD to J, 30 to 34D to J, 36D to F and 38D to H size range at Figleaves, for $45 in its Boysenberry / Silver color.

 Dare Plunge Bra 

Or here, in the 32 to 38D to J size range in the same color for $74 at Bare Necessities…  

Granted with the beginning of Bare Necessities’ Super Sale - 25% Off with code SCORE25. Valid 1/29-2/2. today, the price difference will not be $29 between these two stores, but still…


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