Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Specials in Plus Sizes at Her Room

Currently if you go to Her Room, where we can enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders $70 you will see a Red banner with this bra pictured below in it.

Within that banner is a Red Plus Size link. Click on it and you will find this bra, Elomi’s winning Caitlyn bras, Chantelle bras, and plenty more bras and panties on sale or with other special offers!

Parfait by Affinitas’ 30 - 40D to K Charlotte Bras

This is one of the sale styles, now $30.40. It has great reviews and comes in four colors!


One of the other great things about these bras is that it is normally $38.

If you are wearing large cup bras, well, then you know just how nice it is to find an actually affordable, without sales or discounts, style!

This is one of the many bras and lingerie styles in their Red Plus Size section.

I do not know how long this lasts, so enjoy it soon!

Her Room’s Gift Card Offer

Until the end of 1/30/14 Central Time we can get a, paper, $20 gift card with our orders of $100 or more.
It comes with your order and is easy to use. I have had them before.
You would have to use this one by April 28th 2014.
With all the excellent intimates at Her Room, using your gift card on time is seldom a problem!




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