Saturday, January 04, 2014

Near Half Price, & less, Masquerade Bras

Masquerade bras get excellent reviews by bloggers like Busts 4 Justice, Invest in Your Chest and Bra None, but cost plenty. Today I checked them out at eBay stores and found plenty starting at $19.56!

Masquerade by Panache’s Rosetti Bras for $35.50

If you click on this beautiful bra’s picture below you can read its excellent reviews at Bravissimo. It is on sale there for $45.97, in 4 sizes. If you use this Masquerade Bras, New with Tags at eBay stores link today you can find it in more sizes starting for $35.50!


This is one of the current 271 Masquerade by Panache bras you can find there new with tags and available at Buy it Now prices. You can also use their left column menu to expedite you search by choosing from bra band sizes 32 - 38 and cup sizes E to G.

Masquerade’s Capella Bras for $49.95

While Bust 4 Justice tells us that, while beautiful, the cups run large, this lovely bra is just $49.95 and available in bra band sizes and 32 – 38 in cup sizes D to FF using that link I provided to Masquerade bras at eBay stores above today.

Click on its picture above to find it at Bravissimo. There this bra has a 4.5 star rating out of 9 reviews, for $45.15, but again, in 4 sizes.

Masquerade’s Alice Bras, for $27.93

However this Alice bra by Masquerade, reviewed by Bra None, is available in all sizes 28DD – G, 30 to 38D to G at Bravissimo, for its more typical price of $68.95, where it has 4 excellent reviews already.
Narrowing my search by looking at eBay store for Masquerade’s Alice Bras, use that link today and you will find 67 of them, it in its pale ‘Mineral blue’ color, in various sizes, (28 – 38, D to G), starting at $27.93
Other Sources of Masquerade by Panache Bras
Considering how many Masquerade by Panache bras, actually starting for $19.56, are available at eBay stores, it is surprising how few stores I normally browse for bras carry them.

Besides, currently 5 bras and 2 Basques, are available at Bravissimo and 12 bra styles are available by them at Figleaves.

Both Figleaves and Bravissimo have some of them in cup sizes up to H!

Here is Masquerade’s Rhea bra, which comes in black too. Click on its picture to find it in sizes 28 – 38D to H for $79, at Figleaves.
 Rhea Bandeau Bra 
It is pictured with the Rhea short, which comes in sizes 8 – 18 for $32.

Their Athena plunge bra looks to have come in the same size range, down to G cups in many band sizes and low stock in many of those as well, for $82. This is why I check eBay stores to save $.

 Athena Plunge Bra 

I though this set, no it does not come as a set, is pretty special. These Antoinette bandeau bras come in apparently the 28DD to G and 30 to 38D to G size range, with some G cup band sizes not available and low stock in plenty of its sizes. These are $72 and have no reviews yet.
 Antoinette Bandeau Bra 
The suspender thong it is pictured with comes in sizes 8 – 18, for $44.

I have been curious about Masquerade by Panache bras and lingerie for a while now and am glad to find it available in reasonable prices, New with tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices at eBay stores!


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