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Full Figure D to K Cup Baby Dolls

Reading Lingerie Briefs’ Meet Lola, Marcie and Betty Bodacious Baby Dolls post brightened my day a bit! When I last checked, thrilled as I was to find baby doll lingerie in the 30 – 40D to G range, and up to H cup styles, by Elomi. I still wanted larger cup sized style. Which, as it turns out are available by Cleo by Panache and Curvy Kate. Thanks to Lingerie Briefs, whose header tells us ‘Lingerie is the Poetry in a Woman’s Wardrobe’ and I like that too! Here is a look at, 1st sale styles, then larger cup styles!

Parfait by Affinitas Under $50 Baby Dolls

For a nice view of the rich colors of lingerie by Parfait, check out: Invest in Your Chest’s Affinitas and Parfait Press Event!

Click on their baby dolls below to find them on sale and available in most sizes 30 – 40D to G, in white, purple and black for $48.75, and some for $20, at Her Room! This one gets excellent reviews!

& this one gets great reviews and is $20 in its purple color!

At this 11/2014 Update these are no longer available at Bare Necessities. They came in sizes: 30E to FF, 32D to FF, 34DD, 36FF and G, 38E and 40DD to FF. If you use this New with Tags Angelina Underwire Baby Doll link currently they are available in sizes 30D and 34FF.
Bare Necessities and Her Room have plenty of other lingerie styles by Affinitas too!

Up to H cup Baby Dolls

In a rare instance of late, Bare Necessities has Elomi’s Betty Baby Dolls for less than Figleaves, but only in the 36 to 42F to GG size range, (for $4 less).

Click on this baby doll’s picture, based on their Betty Plunge bras, to find it for $96 in sizes 34GG and H and 36 to 40EE to H at Figleaves!

 Betty Plunge Babydoll 
Bare Necessities also has Elomi’s Maggie baby dolls, on sale! Those have very limited sizes for $60, up to 36 + 40FF, 38GG and 42G.

Cleo by Panache & Curvy Kate for up to J + K Cup Baby Dolls

Curvy Kate baby dolls  come in sizes up to 38K! 
Click on this style below to find it for $61 in the 28D – H, 30 – 38DD to K size range at Figleaves! 
Lola Babydoll 
While many of the sizes in the above style were ‘temporarily out of stock’ yesterday, today a lot of those are now just low stock. If you like this style, I would act fast, as it seems to come and go from stock quickly!

Cleo by Panache’s Marcie baby dolls are available in sizes 28 – 38D to J for $70 at Figleaves. These are low stock in many sizes too…

 Marcie Babydoll
These Baby Dolls at eBay stores so far…
While I would like to try them now that they come in, near enough, my size, I know they are too big for my budget at the moment. Then it occurred to me to do what I always do:

11/2014 Update:

Currently these links below, and any way I can think of to search eBay stores for underwire baby dolls by any brand is not working.

I did, down among the many pages of Parfait by Affinitas bras search find the one Angelina baby doll, down to 2 sizes and near full price searching New with Tags, at Buy it Now Prices Parfait by Affinitas Bras link at eBay stores. There are other, actually full price baby dolls by Affinitas among the current 2753 bras by them, nicely priced, at this search.

Perhaps it is too early on some styles but this is what I found, new with tags, at buy it now prices at eBay stores, so far:

11/2014: The following 4 baby doll links by these 4 brands are left here as a curiosity to see if any of them have the previous nicely priced selections I wrote about here originally, in the months to come.  If not, I will remove them.

Except they do have some styles and colors I am not seeing at stores…

So that is all for now.

I am hoping / looking forward to trying these styles when I can!

Latest Update: 11/4/14
Originally written:10/23/13

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