Friday, June 03, 2011

What I found while looking for reviews on Kris Large Cup Size and Full Figure Bras

While checking out What’s New at Bigger Bras, to your right, lately I noticed Kris full figure bras and nursing or maternity bras.

Bigger Bras has 5 styles of these beautiful bras. I wanted to find reviews. I looked at Her Room and found an interesting review on a new Lilyette bra you can, currently, read in brief at the top of our full figure bras page.

I found Busty Blues, which offer a slightly different perspective on D+ sizes and the importance of bra fit. They also have reviews, just not of Kris Bras…

I found another beautiful corset I will show down the page a bit too.

Mouse over this Kris Maternity bra to see it’s expansive bra sizes. This bra style comes in a regular version too. The regular style comes in nearly the same bra band and cup sizes!
Click on this bra’s picture to see the Kris Bras at Bigger Bras!
Kris Full Figure and Large Cup Size Bras at

Several things struck me about Kris bras:
  • They come in a wide expanse of bra band and up sizes!
  • The style above, called Brilliant comes in a nice selection of colors!I got so caught up in finding a bra in my size, Elomi’s Caitlyn full figure bras, that came in colors, at the end of April I noticed had no nude of white ones to go with my warm weather tops! & Sapphire is my new black!
  • They are actually shown on full figure women!
  • They come in large and small band and cup sizes, like 30J and 50B!

However I find the price forbidding: $86 to $90 for regular, more for the maternity styles.

It is nice that Bigger Bras still offers 10% off and now 15% off when you sign up for their news letter. That is especially nice, as they do not write often, and when they do they often include another 15% off discount code! That has been my experience as a subscriber to their news letter.

I did Google Kris Bras, and Kris Bras reviews only to find, not much, and no reviews, so far…

One listing mentioned Hips and Curves, so I went to check out their bras and found:
Again, no Kris bras. Not in their bra section, nor in their extended sizes or sale section. I did find this beautiful steel boned corset!
Plus Size Corsets at Hips and Curves
This above floral print corset is an especially unique, yet pricey brand of steel boned plus size corsets you will find in solids, in other styles too at Hips and Curves!

Does anyone out there have any experience with Kris Full Figure Bras?

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