Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Roamans’ Best Styles for $11 each, 4 hrs. only

From 11am until 4pm today, only you can get Roamans’ best plus size fashions for $11 each! Use the link and code given on the page it goes to near the end of this post during those hours and you will find 33 styles that would be fine additions to any women’s wardrobe!

Of the tunics featured their, I have already been eyeing up their Best Selling unique gauze tie-dyed tunics!

Most, of the current 10 available prints are cotton, and most are more vertical, figure friendly, patterns.

This tunic in its Sapphire Tribal print below is the one you will see on the Roamans sale page. It is different from the others in that it is rayon, and has the most horizontal print.

It is hard to really see how the other prints look from their swatches, so I show several more of them on our Unique gauze Angelina Tunics by Roamans page.

Here is one the more vertical print it comes in:

And here it is worn belted in its black and white print. I think it might work belted perhaps even a bit lower than shown, for us inverted triangle shaped women, but I have not tried it yet…

I would like to wear something like this, that I believe the air might even go through, with Lytess leggings, on a summer day and skip the sun screen on my legs!

I especially like the busy prints not just for their ascetic value, but also to hide the inevitable paw prints of our carry me dog Teddy!

You will find a big white boy friend shirt, other nice, loose blouses and tanks and other tops at Roamans’ lunch time sale below!
Lunchtime Flash Sale - Shop our best items at $11.00 each!

If you dream of wearing breezy tunics with lightweight skin conditioning Lytess leggings, that are suppose to shed inches. (I can not follow my erratic use of these close enough to say, but the skin really likes them):

You can sometimes, this is how I buy them, get Lytess legging at a good price at eBay stores! Use this New Lytess Leggings at eBay Stores link to check them out today. I have this link in the right column here al the time too!

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