Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Comfy, Pleasant to Reapply, Daily Sunscreens I am using

The heat and humidity are rising and I’m out in it no less than 2 hours a day walking our dog! Like you, no doubt, I am now wearing short sleeves sleeveless tops and shorts. We are showing more skin, to the sun, and should take care.

These (AT LONG LAST!), COMFY SUNSCREENS are a Pleasure to Reapply

Hawaiian Tropics Shimmer Effect 40 UVB SPF with UVA
This product absorbs right in, even when sweaty, we do not have central air. During the pup and my hour long walks, it never feels like last years sunscreens did.

Last years felt like a hideous oil, or something, slick, designed to trap in heat and feel gross.

Not so this inexpensive
  • Feels great
  • Looks great
  • No reason not to reapply often sunscreen

It’s mica minerals shimmer subtly, an effect that lasts until you wash, yet never builds up. No matter how much I reapply!

Click on this
Hawaiian Tropic coupon to find a way to make this wonderful sunscreen even more affordable!

With a nod to the fact that I have sun damage on my arms, less so on my legs. So I am trying to use Avon’s Anew Solar Advance 30 SPF UVA/UVB sunscreen.

SADLY, It costs a lot more than the Hawaiian Tropic one above…

For my face, neck and decolletage, I vary a bit, but as it has become more hot and humid:
  • I am relying, perhaps too much on my outback hat and 
  • Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage SPF 28 UVA/UVB.
I only use this from under my glasses down to wear my shirt starts. I HATE SUNSCREEN IN MY EYES. The big hat really helps, I hope!

On the bright side, this sunscreen also absorbs into the skin right away. It does not even get on my glasses!

On the not too bright side, I cannot find it at Garnier’s site, but they do have a 15 SPF version in their very nice, (I use their Moisture Rescue gel-cream, it is just great!), Moisture Rescue line! This version I am currently using, because it feels great, is easy to re apply and I have little doubt their

Moisture Rescue lightweight SPF 15 lotion will be every bit as good.

Look to the bottom of Garnier’s page to find site map and you will find a link to Promotions, under Hot News, that will lead to coupons on their products!

Everything I have read about sunscreen lately says its effectiveness is all a matter of reapplying often.

Given that, the beauty of the above-mentioned product is they all feel great! This makes them a pleasure to reapply!

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