Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Sales have Already Started

1st, I would like to apologize for not posting the excellent discounts and sales you will find at the top of our full figure bras page that have cropped up during the week. I have not been entirely well lately, well about 4 or 5 weeks…. I hope that my doctor will be able to help me with this tomorrow!

Some of the following discounts are at the top of our home page at, some not. There are a few others listed there that I will not get to here today…

Consider this a So Far, listed by the % Off Numbers:

Although Jessica London’s discount has not changed since Monday or Tuesday, so I half expect it to.

Additionally, all of these stores have excellent sale and clearance sections. Some even have new fall styles already!?!

For what it is worth:

Especially if you want a real comfy, supportive bra and wear sizes 42F, today, as they have, apparently one, in this size for just $27!They had a 36F earlier today and I am not surprised at all that it is gone. They also have one for bid, currently up to $9.99 in 42G. I do not bid, but if you like to, this bra is well worth much more than that!

The following link for Elomi’s Hermione full figure bras has been added to my eBay stores watch links for Bras and other intimates in this pages right column:

New Elomi Hermione Bras at eBay stores
This bra has made the pain in my right arm and shoulder somewhat more bearable. At a time when every little bit helps, except there were few possible little bits to help…This bra has been one of the few helpers!
Now I aim to replace my poor, over worn one I am currently wearing. Although, it dose seem to be holding up better than I am!

Enjoy the above savings! I hope that I will be able to keep this posted with others as the actual holiday weekend arrives!

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