Monday, June 06, 2011

Plus Size Shorts and Short Shorts on Sale!

Almost all of the plus size short shorts, short rompers and jumpsuits on our new plus size shorts page are on sale! Torrid has a 10% Off your purchase discount you will find in the right column you can use on theirs!

Currently you will find 20% Off select full price summer styles at Dereon! Click on their new blouson shorts and you will find Bermuda shorts, Capri and 3 sleek and sexy short shorts length rompers, at 20% Off!
If you check out Dereon’s Skirts and Shorts link to your left you will find 2 denim short short styles and many other shorts, most of them are on sale at 20% Off!

Rocawear has stylish short rompers you will find in their left column under Dresses and Jumpsuits when you click on their linen short shorts below. These are on sale at about $12 Off and still available in most sizes 14 to 24 in their olive color and down to sizes 14 and 20 in this sunflower color below.
Their denim and mesh short shorts are not on sale, but are still available in size 24. Rocawear, Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat all have plenty of Bermuda shorts and Capri too.

Apple Bottoms now also has denim short shorts you will find near the top of our plus size short shorts page.

I do not know how long this is on, but Baby Phat has good selection of plus size Bermuda shorts, many are currently at 20% Off!
Click on these Belted Bermuda shorts to see them all!
While Baby Phat does not have plus size short shorts yet…

I have worn their plus size jeans in a size 14 for over a year and have recently tried their average women’s size jeans in sizes 13 and now 11.

While I do have only 41 to 41.5 inch hips, I have a, usually, 37 inch waist and 42 inch gut.
The size 13 and 11 Baby Phat jeans FIT!

This is likely due to:
  • My pretty small, as plus and larger sizes go, hips
  • The fact that those jeans have waists just below my belly button, so the 37 inch waist is not a factor.

I will write more about my experiences with Baby Phat’s plus size and average size jeans later.

I only bring this up now to say, if you wear size 14 jeans, it is possible, some styles of average women’s jeans, and therefore shorts and short shorts just might work for you too.

I have not tired their average women’s short shorts yet though…
These zipper waist average women’s shorts appear to have a low waist, and perhaps, extra leg room…
They are still available in sizes 11, 13 and 15, (and smaller sizes)
Click on these short shorts to see Baby Phat’s average women’s shorts and skirts section.
Many, including this style are on sale at 20% Off!
There are some high waist styles, which might not work well for some of use full figure women, so be aware!
If you, like I, have an inverted triangle shaped full figure body, with little in the way of hips you might want to try the larger average women’s sized jeans and pants.
I find they come closer to actually fitting my backside and legs!

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