Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Uniquely Flattering Plus Size Dresses

Some plus size dresses have their own unique way of flattering our figures! Kiyonna dresses have a few specific ways of accenting our waistlines, even creating a waistline if need be. They apply the same techniques to their plus size blouses and tops too!

Their faux wrap Vivienne cinch dress is a party dress. It now comes in this lipstick red below, as well as cobalt blue and black in sizes 12 to 32.

It has noting but five star reviews, according to reviewers it accents their curves, while glossing over parts they wish to be ignored! One woman, who like myself, has a different size top than bottom, was amazed to find this dress not only fit but flattered her figure! All this makes Kiyonna’s Vivienne Cinch Dress’s Dress of the month!.

I feel one of Kiyonna’s best dress styles is the wrap dress, and they have a whole section of them! If you like their wrap and faux wrap dresses, but need more dresses for work their Legacy Wrap Dress comes in a print and black and suitable for professional attire.

While their Tory Cinch Dress, every bit as flirty as the red Vivienne dress above, also a faux wrap, it comes in solid passion purple, navy and black.

They have other dress cuts too of course. Their beautiful and versatile Carnival Print Dresses are finally back in stock, in sizes 18W to 32W.

It looks to me that while some designers, like Baby Phat, occasionally make some dresses and tops that just happen to also work for full figure women, Kiyonna and Igigi dresses are truly designed just for us, and it shows in their wearer reviews!

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  1. I really like these designs. The purple dress looks quite slimming. Thanks for posting these.