Wednesday, September 08, 2010

15% Off Plus Size Sports Bras and a brief word about Elomi’s Energise Sports Bra!

Also, Large Cup Size Sports Bras! Figleaves, this week at least, has select Shock Absorber Sports bras on sale at 15% off. Bras styles included in this sale come in sizes up to 28 – 34HH, 36 – 40B – H and 42B – F. Click on this Support Level 4D+ sports bra below to go to all the styles at this sale! Narrow your search by size or style with Figleaves handy search feature to your left once you get there!
Now for a brief note about Elomi’s non compression underwire plus size sports bra.
I fully get it how this sport bra gets worn as every day by women who review it at Her Room and Bigger Bras! Now I am doing that too.
The best price is still Bigger Bras, owing to their 10% discount you will find on their pages. They only have it in stock, sizes 36F, 36H and 38FF. You can backorder it in sizes 38 - 46 D; 36 - 46 DD; 36 - 44 E, F, FF, G; 34 - 44 GG; 34 - 42 H; 34 - 40 HH; 34 - 38 J.

If you want it, as I did, right away, Her Room has it in stock in a wide range of sizes, apparently in stock! I ordered mine early last week, and got it at the end of the week, with standard shipping!
Click on its picture below to shop for it at Her Room, or just check out its rave, and so true, reviews!
Wish it came in more colors, but I am very enthused about this bra!

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  1. I am a very large breasted women and I can not just go into women's clothing and grab a bra off of the rack. I have to go to a plus sized store which is embarrassing sometimes. I have purchased many from this site and am very happy with the results.