Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Enell Sports Bra vs. the Elomi Energise Sports Bra

Thank you Anonymous for your thoughtful comment regarding the last part of yesterday’s post! I should have emphasized, and explained about My Enell sports bra. Owing to my inadvertent exercise plan, I dropped a bra band size, and about 12 to 15lbs, since I purchased My Enell sports bra. Yes Anonymous, there is no doubt about it, My Enell sports bra is at least one size too large!

Anonymous thoughtfully provides us with where we can get Enell Sports bras: Sadly, these bras are on sale at $63 there.

You can also get them for less than $60 by clicking on this fine, compression sports bra below, then using Bigger Bras’ 10% off discount code they keep on the right side of their pages!
Enell Sports Bra
Bare Necessities, owing to what their current discount, (at least 15% off), or their 10% off using their banner to your right, combined with free shipping on orders over $50, has a similar best price, depending on the size you need. Bare Necessities carries the Enell Sports bras in Enell sizes up to 4.

Her Room carries them in sizes up to 8. You can backorder them in sizes up to 8 at Bigger Bras. Currently Bigger Bras has them in stock in sizes 7 and 8, and you can back order all sizes 00 to 8 there. Figleaves prices for these bras start at over $70, all style, of which there are several, the one pictured above being what I believe to the earliest, and lest expensive.

Regard to Anonymous thinking it not possible to wear both bras at the same time: I could be wrong but, as the Elomi Energise bra has double layer of micro fiber cups, and as I recall, My Enell bra when it was the right size, was very hard to put on, yet held you in place. (period). I believe this could be done, with fantastic support.

As I mention in my original article about the Elomi Energise full figure sports bras, You can wear the Elomi comfortably all day, you can not, well I couldn’t when it was the right size, wear the Enell sports bra all day.

Now that mine is loose, it might double as a comfy bra for just at home!! So fear not loosing weight, or gaining tone!

I really think, in a simple jumping up and down test wearing it over my Elomi Energise bra will add additional support.

The problem with the Elomi Energise bra is ‘what will I wear tomorrow, when this one is in the wash!’

It’s best price, due to their discount code, is at Bigger Bras. I think Elomi might be an exclusion to Bare Necessities normal 10% off offer to your right. For me, Bare Necessities does not work, as they do not carry it in band size 34.

Bigger Bras has the best price, but what they have in stock varies. Today they only have three sizes in stock, but can back order in the whole size range of these bras.

Her Room has all the sizes, it seems, now! That is why I ordered mine from them! Click on this bra’s picture below to shop for it at Her Room.

Main differences between Elomi’s Energise and Enell sports bras

Because of the compression shape and comfort you are not likely to wear Enell Sports bras for anything other than exercise, until you tone up or loose weight, and it becomes loose.

The Elomi full figure, and large cup Energise sports bra gives you such a great shape, lift and support, you should just get one in all colors available, so you have a clean one daily. Oh yeah, and it’s a sport bra too!
Now if they could just make them in actual colors besides black, white and we see it pictured in nude, but I have not seen anyone carry nude yet.

Depending on if I feel I might need extra support once I start kick boxing, I might just get a new, smaller, Enell Sports bra. I think if you are over a D cup you should go for all the support you can get. Maybe even if you wear a B cup, why not, who needs stretch marks!

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