Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I want it in every color Elomi’s Caitlyn Large Cup Size, Full Figure Bras

With links to these bras, New at eBay stores, for better very best prices!

As thrilled as I was with the Elomi Energise underwire, non-compression plus size sports bras, imagine my surprise when I found I am even more thrilled with their underwire, side support, Caitlyn large cup size bras!

Both the sports bras and the Caitlyn bras come in both large cup sizes, up to J and JJ, and up to full figure bra band sizes up to 46! Especially lucky for me, they also both come in the tighter side of full figure band size of 34! Most of the Elomi bras I have seen start at band size 36.

I am so thrilled about these bras, because, like their above mentioned sports bras, the side support panels, I believe, give my breasts excellent front projection, yet with a natural shape, as well as lift and support. Besides making me feel like a teenager again, it makes the most of my, thick, waistline! In addition, unlike the sports bra, it is pretty, which is why I am aiming to get these bras in every color!

Click on this bra to shop for it at Bare Necessities, or check out the link to its article above to see who usually has it in the best prices.

I am going to use eBay stores in my quest to get these bras in every color.
I will have to check often, as I seem to have an often little stock bra size. So I am going to put this New Elomi Caitlyn underwire bras link I am providing below in the right column here as well. Feel free to use it too!

  • eBay stores sometimes have bras that have gone out of stock or bras in discontinued colors.
  •  They also tend to have much better prices, even at Buy it Now prices!
  • I have been buying bras at Top-Rated Seller eBay stores, and have found them reliable.

If you are one of the lucky ladies who wear bra band sizes 36 and up might well enjoy Elomi’s seductive, plunging, Chinese red satin, tulle, embroidered new Suzie side support full figure bras pictured below too!

Elomi, and Fantasie, but I have not tried them yet, seems to have a good variety of bras with these very effective side support panels.

I think any full figure and large breasted women would benefit greatly from these pretty, and comfy bras!

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  1. nice to wear one it...lots of women love to wear Contemporary Upscale Women's Clothing & Accessories but this is nice to have..great!