Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 to 40% off Plus Size Tops and $20 off Cavaricci Plus Size Dresses

If you click on this Torrid banner, until 3pm, (PT), you will find their 10% off 1 to 40% off 4 tops offer!

Please excuse any errors on this post, as I am trying to get it posted ASAP. Though I prefer Kiyonna and Baby Phat’s more form fitting plus size blouses and tops, they do have some elegant, yet trendy draping, layered tanks that even appeal to me.

Earlier to day, and perhaps after 3pm, if you click on this banner you might see several sale offers, as well as new trendy looks!

Like their $20 off Cavaricci couture plus size dresses. I like Cavaricci’s video, as well as some of their tops and dresses.

It is too late for me to check out if Cavaricci tops are included in the tops discount, but here is one of the several dresses you will find by them at Torrid!
Z. Cavaricci - Gold Drape Tube Dress
Some of their tops are just as form fitting as this dress, some not.
I have just started checking out Torrid, but I like some of their styles.
Do you have any experiences with Torrid? Like their clothes and styles?

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