Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you Smith for your Shapewear comment!

Smith commented on our Squeem wearer reviews post of post of 11/28/06. I do not know if Lytess shapewear was available anywhere back then, but I have just recently tired the Lytess bike shorts, which I wear near nightly, just because they are so comfy! I cannot wait to get the Lytess leggings to wear with tunics and / or dresses and skirts in the fall! Then I will be wearing this shapewear style all the time! Well, weather permitting anyway…

I got mine, the bike shorts below, at Roaman’s. They were on sale at the time, now they are $62. However, an eBay seller has them for $50, with free shipping, new with tags, but he does not give the size(s) on any of the three styles of Lytess shapers he carries. You can email him a question though, or apparently call. Use this Lytess Shapewear, New with tags, free shipping link to go to that eBay sellers Lytess page.
Or click on this picture to see them at Roaman’s

You can always use the One Stop Plus discount code, in the right column of this page, when shopping at Roaman’s to save!
Roaman’s and the eBay seller I mentioned above both have Lyetss’ corrective belt and push up panty, but they do not have the leggings, which I found, below at Figleaves!
I can not tell you if I lost anything, like inches, as this shapewear style advertises you will. I just tried them on at the end of a hard work day, found they felt great, wore them as pajamas, and have been wearing them, as such, and around the house ever since!

Two women from Fig leaves’ blog tired them in a nice orderly fashion. I read their finding about the Lytess leggings a while back. Turns out it was the Blogleaves post of 10/22/09, Shaping up.

I have also seen a variety of Lytess shapewear styles at Amazon, buy typing Lytess into their search engine, and Bliss. In fact, I believe I used Bliss’ sizing info for this brand before ordering.

What I love about them are that they are so soft, stretchy and comfy! The bike shorts have no back seam. So how, their being so soft and stretchy makes me think the knees will not bag after a couple of hours of wear, when I get the leggings.

Do they have an immediate slimming effect? I think a bit. Yet I am not sure I trust my judgment by the time I put them on to go to sleep. I recommend you check out the reviews of women at Bliss now, and Roamans and Fig leaves, when some women get around to reviewing them there.

As for me, I want to have Lytess bikini panties too, should they actually exist. It is the sort of extremely, put it on and forget about it comfort we all should enjoy! All the time!

Oh yeah, perhaps because I am 5’ 1.5” short: I can wear the bike shorts like Spanx higher power panties, right up to my under bust. It Could really be that they are that stretchy though…I like that too. Smoothing out the mid section all the way!

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