Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Instantly fitted Plus Size Blouses! One perfect for women who wear Large Cup Size Bras!

For that tailored silhouette, without the tailor!

I brought two of these plus size blouses from Baby Phat and am thrilled with them! I ordered the white first, noting the fit, and no busting open, no threat of buttons flying, not even straining between my breasts top style, had to order the black for daily wear, saving the white for nice…

Now if you came here looking for large cup bras, you might already know that similar, not buttons to fly blouses can be had at Carissa Rose! They are beautiful. They have darts in the front with hook, and eye closures. Sadly, they are a bit pricey for me. I hope that someday…

Baby Phat’s zipper front, smocked waist blouses are the great for both the large bust factor, and the smocking around the waist makes for that nice tailored look, instantly! Not too pricey either!

As soon as I received my black blouse, they came out with these new Ruffle blouses with smocked waists below. They come in black, white, red and blue! They will no doubt give the tailored look to full figure women! But will buttons fly if I order in a size that actually fits my shoulders? Or will I have to go larger?
It may well work for us full busted ladies! Even with buttons, as the smocking all the way around will add a bit extra fabric in the bust.

The extra fabric could easily be where the ease of movement in the shoulders in my black and white blouses above comes from. I kid you not, it feels like a t-shirt, not restrictions in arm movement. I never expected that from blouses!

To take all the button strain consideration out of it, both Dereon and Apple Bottoms have sleeveless tops, with smocked waists! I have them pictured at the top of our Urban Fashion page now.

However, looking at their back views, a tad on the racer back style, they are now quite as bra friendly as the above blouses. So if women who need large cup size bras would want to wear them….I do not recall strapless or racer back bras over G cup sizes. Do you know of any?

Baby Phat, once you get on their mailing list, your choice by the way, sends you recommended styles, usually on sale!
They just sent me some in an email:
This one has a nice, fitted with darts front, with buttons, (may work…), and a tad of smocking the back.
Here it is in black, available in sizes 1X to 3X, for just $30!
And here is in white, only size 2X and 3X left, and still $54. If you go there, clicking one this white one, and use the more views feature, you can really see the patch of smocking on the back.
So with these two bottom black and white ones here you get the fitted look smooth in the front, held firmer by the back smocking!

Actually, I believe I have seen this look before, perhaps in the sale section of Apple Bottoms, lately, with a back tie, rather than smocking.

In these blouses, and afore mentioned tops with solid fronts, I love the way the center is not baggy like blouses I had prior to this did!

I just hope the other style work for us fuller busted women, and that I can get a chance to try some, before they leave stock!

Better yet, more zip front, perhaps varying degrees of smocking, styles in more colors!


  1. Very nice blouses. They also accentuate your curves.