Friday, June 11, 2010

Goddess Bras’ Keira, up to N cup size Wins Undies Awards!

You can find the 2010 winners of the Undies Awards at Her Room now. The winner for best full figure bra is Goddess’ Keira Full Figure Bras! The well designed plus size, comes in sizes up to 46K, and large cup bras, comes in sizes 36DDD to N, 38 to 42DD to N, size 44DD to L and 46DD to K. Click on its picture below to go to Her Room to check out the Undies Awards, and find these bras in this full range of sizes!
So far as I can see, Her Room seems to have the best size ranges available for these bras!

Now for the best price on these award winning bras!
Roaman's, during their UP to 70% off Semi Annual Bra sale, has it for just $30. Sadly they only have them in limited sizes.

Both Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras have them at 10% discounts. Bare Necessities’’ discount comes from using the banner in this page’s right column. Bigger Bras has their discount codes on their pages. Bare Necessities has a good range of sizes, and Bigger Bras has a fair range of large cup sizes, like G to L, in stock, and a wide range of sizes you can back order.

I tired looking for this bra at eBay stores, using my New with Tags Goddess Bras at eBay link in this pages right column. Using the Goddess style #6090, and name, Keira, I could not narrow down the search. Goddess bras at eBay are NUMEROUS! But perhaps you can check it out just by searching in your bra size, an available option there, just in case you want to see if you can get a better price!

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