Thursday, June 10, 2010

Legende Chantelle Bras, for as little as $23 in Full Figure sizes

With an average of five stars out of 104 reviews at Her Room, and well rated at other stores, Legende seems an appropriate name for these beautiful Chantelle bras below. The price of $88 is a bit forbidding for, well I do not know about you, but certainly me!

So I had to look at eBay stores. Yes! I found these bras in full figure sizes like 40B and 40DDDDD, Buy it Now prices of $23 and $25, one with free shipping! Lots of other sizes, and bid prices, like $15 on a larger cup size 34DDDD are available too.

To check out these beautiful and higly rated full figure bras, currently 110 of them, use this Legende Chantelle Bras, all New condition at eBay stores link.
Click on this bra’s picture to read its reviews at Her Room, where you can shop it in ivory, black and coffee colors in its fuller rang of sizes: 32C to G, 34 to 40C to H and 42C to F.
At the page the eBay stores link above takes you to you will be able to narrow your search down by bra band and cup sizes. For instance, it is the only place I can find these bras in B cup sizes, (33 of them in B cup sizes currently).
You can still find them in cafĂ© color at Bigger Bras in sizes 32, 34, 36, 40 and 42C, and 32D, as well as in size 42F in ivory. There you can take advantage of their nearly constant 10% off discount code found on their pages…
Having successfully purchased some Fantasie bras, as Buy it Now items from top selling eBay stores, (have not won a bid yet, but only tired once), I am confident that would be excellent way to enjoy these Chantelle bras!

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