Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Igigi Suit Separates on Sale and Couture Women’s Suits at 20% Off

Igigi designs stylish dresses and fashions just for full figure women. However, they are somewhat pricey. Their sale section features great savings! Like more than half off on this stylish, highly rated, suit jackets, still available in sizes 12 to 28, but going fast, size 30 has sold out.
Their highly rated Briana Ruffle Skirt below is now just $39.50 and still available in sizes 18, 20 and 24 to 30!
Igigi’s sale section features plenty of dresses all designed to make the most of our curvaceous curves! Another place to check for inexpensive Igigi fashions is Igigi fashions at eBay Today
Women’s suits is running a 20% off offer, use code SPIRNG2010, until 2/5/10, to get 20% off Womensuits designer couture dress suits from their Spring 2010 collection. This is one of their more sedate suits, another is pictured at the top of our women’s suits page. Most are pretty elaborate, even flashy styles. This one comes in sizes up to 20W, the one on our suits page up to 30W.

Use this banner to go see their new spring line.

Both of the above-mentioned suits feature tulip skirts. As the Igigi skirt on sale featured earlier here, these skirts go in a bit at your knee.
Not unlike the sheath and pencil, and some Igigi dresses I was writing in my 1/15/10, What Sheath and Pencil Plus Size Dresses can do for you! post.
David Brett, of Yogo Ego left a very good comment there. His comment is well worth the read. Especially if you occasionally think you can abuse your self physically and emotionally to become, small. Do not do it, enjoy and celebrate your curves, as Igigi encourages us to do.
Let these in at the knees, tight, or skimming styles be part of it, if it is your style. Not everyone gets to be curvaceous! I do not have curvy hips, but in at the knee styles will make it seem as if I do!
I especially like the Penelope Garcia character from the TV show Criminal Minds
I am pretty, style wise, sedate myself, but I love her style, and so does my slender daughter!

Whoever you are, love yourself, just the way you are!


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