Friday, January 15, 2010

What Sheath and Pencil Plus Size Dresses can do for you!

Even if you have an inverted triangle shape, (little hip, no butt to speak of), like me, a plus size dresses, and skirts, that go in close to your knees accentuate your ultra feminine hips! However, if you do have an inverted triangle shape, you might want to stick with the Shape fx styles, like the Hold-You-In Pencil dress I showed on my post of 12/31/09, recommended by Who offer Styles that Fit and Flatter! Igigi, a very fit conscious designer, suggest this shape accentuating dress below for all shapes. Which also comes in black as well, in sizes 12 to 32.

These dresses are in new arrivals. I have been watching IGIGI New Arrivals for a few weeks and a funny thing is, they always first run low, then out of stock in their smallest, size 12 and their largest, size 30 /32. I guess their styles really fit the gamut of full figure sizes quite well! Both the Pacific Blue and Black version of this dress above are doing the same thing.

Anyway, the beauty of a simple dress, as sheath and pencil dresses tend to be, is you can often get way with using a simple dress for everything! It depends on how you accessorize them, or where them with a suit jacket, shawl, shrug and so on…

Jessica London has an array of sheath dresses in now. Even a color block and a print one. Just click on this nice simple easy to dress up, or make business like with a suit jacket dress below.

If you actually have hips to speak of, these Jessica London sheath dresses will show off your shapely curves well!

I have an Avenue skirt in every color I could get it in, because it, has pockets, (OK I love pockets), and goes in at the knees. The visual effect, even on my near hipless self is: Vavavoom shapely curves! I guess all you need is the distance around your knees to be smaller than you hips to get this effect!

Having dresses to turn to, be it for daily wear or special occasions, makes dressing a breeze! You have none of that, the best blouse for this skirt is at the cleaners going on when you have dresses to turn to! Put it on, accessorize, and go!

Especially nice are simple black, or any color, dresses that can be worn for events, parties or at the office. The mood is based on how you accessorize them.

I know, as I have relied on one favorite black knit that has grown, literally and figuratively, over the years. I think I started as a size L and I have worn it up to being a size 2 or 3XL. Apparently, you can do this with some knits, gradually, over the years! Now this dress has died. It developed a hole, yet it is at the waist line. Perhaps I will try a broad belted style after all!

So whether you have a sexy curvy shape with hips, or a none too curvy, inverted triangle, diamond or rectangle, no waist shape, as IGIGI puts it, if so go Shape fx.for all the fit that stretch fabrics can give you.

A sheath dress, will give you simplicity you can play around will for all dressing purposes and shapely hips.

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