Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you La Tonya Bynum and Plus Size Fashion Week!

La Tonya Bynum wrote us a nice comment recently. She just started a blog Shop 4 Plus Size which she hopes will become a fashion adventure as well as where we go for our next outfit!
She features a wedding dress there so far, a very good start Igigi, who has lots of dresses, and some wedding dresses worth checking out here:
This somehow reminded me of Glen Johnson’s, of Full Figure Plus, invite to join Full Figure Full Figure Fashion Week June 16 – 19 2010 group on Facebook. Which led me to checking out this video below of last year’s fashion week. It is a bit long, but good!

Perhaps because the shop La Tonya’s blog leads us to is located near Little Rock. I believe Glen Johnson is also from the Little Rock area of Arkansas, and his blog also turned me on to Igigi too!

More likely than Little Rock is they both remind me of inspiring full figure fashions I have seen so far!

Thank you again both Glen and La Tonya!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I hope to post more items soon. Stay tuned for more. Loving your creativity and ambition to track the trends.