Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Full Figure Bras at eBay

When you can get a highly rated Elomi full figure bra., brand new, for just $1.55, you would look. Right?

I have been looking into full figure and large cup bras at eBay stores for a while now. What I have found is you can use this Current Full Figure Bras at stores that only sell New With Tags and feature Buy it Now link to see what is available. Sometimes there are brand name bras, sometimes not. From there you can choose to see what is for auction as well as view all items.

I looked into several eBay stores and choose three which I give the vitures of in Full Figure Bras and Plus Size Shapewear at eBay stores. You can shop by bra size at these stores. Among them Bella Lingerie is my first choice, and the best one for large cup size bras.

As with other kinds of apparel at eBay I find the best prices tend to be for bras you can bid on. When I see an especially good price, bib or Buy it Now, at reliable eBay stores, on New With Tags full figure bras I will post it here!

Currently I find the Elomi Kristie bra I mentioned last week in the Lift is the Word about Elomi’s Tamarie Full Figure Bras post is still available as well as this highly rated, (4 stars out of 81 reviews at Her Room, and winner of the Undies Awards there), Elomi Full Figure T-shirt Bra.

Use this Elomi Smoothing Bra #1220 in its Cherry color now just $29 link and you will see it on page 1, bid time ending in 3 + days in sizes: 36E and F, 38F and 44F, for $1.55 to $16 at Belle Lingerie.

You will find it on page two of that listing, ending in 21 to 26 days, in sizes 38DD and E, 40E, 42G, 46Fand E and 48E, at $25 to $28 as well as matching panties in sizes M/12 to 4L/22 for $16.

The Buy it Now prices on these bras on page two where that link to them takes you are still nearly half price!

If you click on its picture below, you will find it equally well rated at Bigger Bras, in a wide range of sizes from 38DD to 44H, in nude or cocoa, for $58.

That is why I started seriously looking into intimates on eBay. If you can get a bra, New with Tags, from a reputable seller, for a fraction of the price, well, why not!

You will find the Elomi Kristie bra, and matching panties, available at comparable prices, in different full figure sizes and colors, throughout those two pages as well!

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