Thursday, April 02, 2009

Plus Size Bra and Panty sets, for $18 & some $18 Large Cup Size Bras!

Here is a handy guide to Bra Terminology from Full Figure Plus. This is good because the myriad of terms make bra shopping, and fitting confusing sometimes. For a more extensive advice, the intimates’ stores in the left hand column have lots of info! For what it is worth, when I write about large cup bras I am referring to bras with cup size that go up to at least G or larger. I concentrate on finding these bras on sale, as they are so very expensive, to me anyway.

This makes this bra below a surprising find. This large cup Goddess bra is now just $18 at Swimsuits for All, though sadly only available in sizes 38G, 38H and 40H, this could be an example of the affordable finds you could run into on sale there!
Plus Size Bras at Swimsuits for All
Swimsuits for All has very inexpensive plus size bras by Delta Burke, and other bra makers of around $12 and $18 bra and panty sets! They also carry other more well-known full figure bras as you can see if you click on their banner below, and plus size lingerie as well.

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