Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urban Fashions and Plus Size Dresses

Lately I have been featuring hip hop fashions by Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms and Dereon at our Dresses page. I normally feature dressier dresses there. For a change of pace, here is one from Rocawear.
Rocawear by Jay-Z
One of the beautiful things about this one is you can wear a bra with it. Unlike many of the other dress styles I have seen earlier this year, with racer backs of unique styles.
If you check out Rocawear’s Plus Size and Dereon’s Curvelicious New arrivals now, you will find original styles using greens and yellows. Baby Phat new arrivals feature pinks, white and persimmon colors in muted and bold prints. Like their new butterfly unicorn dress below. Baby Phat's simple t-shirt in this design too. This dress, alas, has a simple racer back.
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Apple Bottoms new arrivals are still leaning heaviely toward aqua and darker blue hues, where strapless and racer back styles a plenty in both dresses and tops.
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There is a chiffon Apple Bottoms dress in nearly this style at Apple Bottoms now too.

I like Dereon for dressier styles, which you will often find our above mentioned dresses page. For dailywear, I like Rocawear’s dresses. This one has a very modest, I think you could wear a bra with it, triangular keyhole back, and pockets!
Rocawear by Jay-Z
Rocawear has several simple, yet new and original plus size dresses in their new arrivals.

I wanted to call attention to them here, because I am not sure they belong on a page with formal dresses, but they might belong in your wardrobe.

Rocawear also has a nice selection of vests you can see on our women’s suits page. I love vests because they hide muffin top without adding bulkiness around the arms.

I am convinced that one day I will wear mine with bikini tops underneath on hot summer days. I am always planning to be cooler and drier in the summer. Whether it is summer dresses, or bikini tops and vests, remains to be seen.

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