Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks AquaMarine! I would still love to find Seamless Large Cup Bras too

AquaMarine it is good to hear from you again. Close to seamless is still good. I figure having four of the same large cup bras is a pretty high recommendation too! Do they hold up well with such a high, for a bra, cotton content? Out of curiosity, where did you find Kalyani bras in cup sizes up to KK?

Bratique Helene’s blog post of 4/22 covers the topic of t-shirt, or seamless, bras for the full busted. She concludes in saying that over a G cup size, you just have too much breast tissue for a seamless bra cup to properly support.

I wonder if this is why the Elomi bra you were so kind as to review for us seems to be no longer available in cup sizes up to K. I find some stores carry it in cup sizes up to H, and that is about it.

Maybe it is just accepted in the bra industry that H cup sizes in seamless is all they can support?


  1. I will say the Kalyani bras hold up pretty well. I have a front loading washing machine and I wash them on the "handwash" setting. Then I hang them up to dry. I used to have 5 of those bras but one just recently had the wire pop out of it. That is the worst type of bra mishap as far as I'm concerned and it seems I can never save a bra once the wire has popped out.......

    The remaining 4 are holding up well as I mentioned and I've had them each for several months. I have about 10 bras in "rotation" and I'd say I wear 2 (if not all 4) Kalyani's during the week! They are my favorites. But I only wear them one time before I send them off to be washed. I sometimes exercise in these bras so they go through a lot!

    I got all mine from Bravissimo. I probably get all my bras there. The dollar/pound exchange rate is pretty good right now. In fact, even cheaper than ordering them from some US sites! Plus they seem to offer a "prettier" selection of bras. And can you believe a KK?

    That's a bummer about seamless bras and a J cup..... I'd LOVE just one seamless. The Elomi is good but still isn't exactly my correct size.

    Hey, thanks for your tip a few posts back about the bra wire that poked your side. I have some of those bras and at around 3:00 I notice the wire starting to poke. Anyhow, I tried "tightening" the bra on the next set of hooks and it really does seem to solve the problem!

  2. you've got to check out leading lady's full figure seamless molded cups. i have one and love it, but seriously they go up to very large sizes and they are amazing