Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you Bratique Helene! Have any experience with Kalyani Large Cup Bras?

Thank you for your replies! I though Midnight Grace was exclusive to Figleaves. Do you have any experience with their bras? I have not and they have few reviews so far. Also, do you know about, or have had experience with Kalyani’s large cup bras. AquaMarine, a reader of this blog, wrote me last summer about a near seamless style they have. It could be this high cotton, perfect for summer, bra below.

Last summer she and I were looking for the elusive seamless, larger than a J cup bra. I found one, now that Elomi full figure bra seems to be available in cup sizes up to H at best.

Bratique Helene , do you know why seamless, larger than J cup size bras are either rare, or unavailable?

Additionally, concerning halter dresses and shirts: I find the urban fashions stores:
Rocawear Women's Clothing
All have halter, and some strapless, dresses and shirts. They also have a good selection of racer back dresses and shirts with unique back styles! Check out the alternate views when shopping these stores.
Dereon has a satiny off one shoulder dress, currently featured at the top of our Dresses page. I love the unique fashions at these stores!

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  1. Yes, that is the bra! I have about 4 of these and wear them quite a bit! They are still the closest to seamless that I've found, especially since the Kalyani comes up to a KK cup! I have to say it beats out the Elomi because of that.

    Still, I'd LOVE to find a seamless bra that is in my cup range (J-ish, maybe JJ).