Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AquaMarine! Thank you for your info the Kalyani Large Cup Size Bras!

Thank you for your info about how well they hold up under what wash and wearing conditions! Saying you sometimes, exercise in the Kalyani Natural Charm large cup bras also says much about their comfort, durability and over all value. Other readers, who are interested, check out AquaMarine’s reply to the 4/27/09 post below.

Another thing she cleared up a bit for me, and possibly other women, is the reluctance to order from a company who naturally uses another currency than we are accustomed to.

She, in the USA, has ordered from Bravissimo and found that it comes to just as it appears when I select US dollar before browsing Bravissimo, Yes they really are sometimes much cheaper than US companies! However, the dollar/pound exchange rate does change. It just happens to be good for us USA buyers right now. It does make it an excellent time to take advantage of Bravissimo’s currently much better prices on full figure bras and panties! Especially true if you like pretty sets!

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