Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks for the tip on the Kalyani Large Cup Bras!

A brief Full Busted Bra Sale Alert:
Now on sale for just $23.99 in apricot and $33.99 in jade the Super Bra Tango II by Panache is on sale at Bare Necessities! It happens to be the one I am wearing at the moment. While only adequate for a short women, bra strap length wise, at those prices, and with summer coming, it might not hurt to have some adequate bras on hand! Especially if you take the 10% off Bare Necessities banner to your right and save even more $!

Thank you AquaMarine!

There is something about the concept of a jersey bra in terms of comfort. Especially if it’s going to be around $24 and comes in cup sizes D to K! Something like half the price of large cup bras we usually see!! How are the shipping charges from Bravissimo? How long do they take to ship an in stock bra? It is a pity the Kalyani bras are not at Bigger Bras, Figleaves or Bare Necessities though. I aim to try that one you are trying now soon. It is still a large cup at nearly half the price of the ones I’ll be exchanging!

I did talk to Bigger Bras customer service about the shorter straps and how to write to bra manufacturers. The customer service lady said that Bigger Bra’s manufacturers do read the wearer reviews we post. So if we all took care to write in reviews that we want shorter straps, or a petite strap version, as well as smooth cups in larger, over G, cup sizes we might get their attention! This may well be true of other stores, like Figleaves and Her Room, which have wearer reviews as well. When I have a chance I’ll call them too.

I read the wearer reviews myself and I will exchange one of the Fantasie Underwire Full Cup Bra #0993 for a Panache Tango Pure Underwire Bra pictured below. Largely because one of the wearers describes herself to be so short, yet she likes this one. She thinks this is why the center underwires stick out when she sits. This is what used to happen to me when I wore G cup size. Also there is something about the scalloped edge on the straps that make me think this could be another no-slip strap style.
Panache Tango Pure Underwired Balconnet te Bra 3761
Though I have to admit the 2 bras I already have by Panache, even without any such scalloping on the straps, those straps only move if I move them! I find the Panache Harmony is good for strap length, well more to the point, shortness. While the length of the Super Bra Tango II is on a par with the just ok length of the Fantasie 0993.

I do have another idea about pursuing smooth cup and strap length changes with say Fantasie, Freya and Panache. As usual I hope to get around to it by mid week. What actually happens is likely another story, but I am aiming to!

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