Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aqua Marine! Good Point about length of tunic to jacket!

Thanks again! While the jacket I have been favoring for years is longish, it might well fall short of tunic lengths. Even the eyelet jacket women’s dress suit I wrote about here might well be cutting it too close. Though the clean flat front waist band of the pants in that suit might be one of the most flattering showing waist bands a pair of suit pants could have.

However this short sleeve cardigan would cover all tunics. It would look good with leggings as well as slacks as shown. But not likely skirts. What do you think?
Short Sleeve Cardigan

This cardigan might not be the interview wear I had in mind but it might be good for dress down Fridays at some work places.

I know what you mean about most tunics being mini dress size on us. I figure it works with leggings. But that fails to seem like business attire to me. Likely because I favor wearing leggings around the house all the time.

Thinking about that outfit you described, I bet almost any colors tunic with black skirt, hose and shoes would look. Especially when dressed up with the right hand bag and shoes!

Thanks again AquaMarine! This gives me some ideas to work with!


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