Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank you AquaMarine!

Those examples have helped. It’s near to my norm, and though lots of online stores do have wash and wear jackets. But I think a sweater / shirt, blouse or cami set lends it self more to that. I figure if I buy a washable jacket I believe I will end up having to iron it. Still my current go to suit jacket for years is a dry clean only one. I’d rather iron after washing my self.

I do like the sparkly one too. Even if it is a bit flash for professional purposes and a tad pricey for the time being.

I also tend to buy black and neutrals. This means nearly all more vividly colored shells, blouses and the like work well. Sadly I just removed a whole wardrobe of those kinds of colors and styles from my closet. But they are all size 12s and 10s. This, having more clothes of all kinds in sizes 10 to 12 is the only thing, OK and less expensive bras, which makes me want to loose weight.

Thank you again. I will try to find fashion tips for us inverted triangle shaped women. Yep we are all getting older. That does seem to make it trickier too, doesn’t it?

Sadly I am not entirely back yet. This appears to be a long term family emergency. It will require a new schedule. Regardless I will work in the info on bra designers to write to and tips for women shaped like us.

Now more than ever I need a bra I can rely on, and a smooth cup one at that, and more go to fashions!

Do you suppose I can get away with wearing a tunic under a suit jacket and over a pencil skirt?

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  1. Hmmm. I think it depends on how much the tunic will stick out from the jacket. If the jacket is long enough to cover it, I would say it would look pretty good. But if the tunic sticks out under the jacket, that may look a bit unkempt. Like forgetting to tuck your shirt in.

    I've seen tunics with very slim pencil skirts and that look seems to work. In fact, I usually wear tunics with skirts. Being so short, tunics with pants have a "dress over pants" look on me and it just doesn't look right. And if I try to wear the tunic as a dress, well it just looks like I'm trying to be a go-go dancer! All I'm missing is the white boots! But skirts seem to work well. At least for me.

    One look I wore was a black and white print tunic that was trimmed in black (along the sleeve cuffs, the v-neck and the bottom of the tunic), a black skirt with black hose and shoes. I thought I looked pretty good! Especially with some red jewelry and a red purse. Sometimes I wish I were much taller and could pull off much brighter, colorful patterns. But I guess it is a matter of proportion. Sometimes I just forgo petite clothing as it's cut even smaller than normal sizes so I am at the end of the range (a 14P is too small for me but a 14WP is too large!!). Talk about frustrating.

    I am sorry to hear about your situation and it taking a much longer turn than expected. Try to take some time for yourself at this hard time.