Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mark. One answer to your question

I do know one maker of women’s plus size swimsuits that apparently sells theirs wholesale.
Always for Me has 3 swimwear lines for full figure women. Below is one of their best selling mini swimdresses.

Women's Plus Size Swimwear -  Twist Front Bandeau  - Sizes 16W-26W - Style 67164W

I feature lots of their brand swimwear on my plus size swimsuits site. Usually because they seem to have the most original designs for a realistic price. Also their brand of swimwear is based on years of customer feedback from full figure women, and research.

You can click the swimdress pictured above, then scroll down to near the bottom of the page. There, just above “This Month’s Feature: Plus Size Spring Break, you’ll see Whole sale inquiries. Just click on that link to learn more.

I was a little surprised that you got “a sense of dress codes that ladies must follow irrespective of their size.” What actually goes on here is a bit of Q and A between us larger ladies with regard to what we have found works best for us. Lately it tend to be me, the comfort geared woman, asking other women for advice on how to dress better, visually. Not a dress code. Just exchanging ideas about what works with our shapes.

Best wishes in you quest for wholesalers and drop shippers!

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