Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aquamarine! The pretty Fleexes Waist Cincher you recommend is on Sale, as well as other Full Figure Shapewear styles!

But just today. Sorry about that. This beautiful Fleexes waist cincher below is now available at 25% off, today, at Bare Necessities. Click on its picture to go straight to it in sizes Medium to XXL. It comes in black and beige.

Anyone else can read Aquamarine’s review of this waist cincher here in her reply to my post of 2/19/08. Both she and I are short, and as a short woman, she recommends this cincher.

I hope, and had better able to, cover another short, full figure women’s issue real soon:
Bras with shorter straps for us petite full busted and plus size women!
Yes now I will have to get on the shorter straps issue soon. As well as the smooth, seamless cups larger than G and H cup sizes.

I ordered a full busted, half smooth cup bra I had wanted to try lately. Fantasie’s 0993 Full Cup underwire bra. I had hoped it would have the no slip straps I so enjoyed in their popular 4500 full figure bra I wore out when I still thought I needed a G cup size. And it does have the same style strap!

Fantasie of England Underwired Full Cup Bra 0993

But if you are petite, there is one slight problem. The straps are too long. I am going to call Bigger Bras in the near future. As soon as I can. See what they recommend The cup size was excellent! Just as Bigger Bras has it, exactly the same as a Panache HH cups size!

If any of you ladies out there can recommend an, even just the top half smooth, 34HH cup bra, please advise! I used to wear a 36HH and I figured I just wore out the bands on my current bras.

But as it turns out the family emergency I mentioned a short while ago currently prevents me from tying up the phone asking recommendations for short, full busted women at Bigger Bras. That same emergency also does not aid digestion. I do not recommend tension for weight loss! Actually the scale says I weight the same. I doubt tension can create muscle mass though. Perhaps I clench my back the way some people clench their fists. Though I doubt that too….

When I do get on the phone to Bigger Bras, I’ll ask about smooth cup bras over H cup sizes and shorts straps, and who to write regards to future bra design!

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  1. It's too bad I read your blog a little too late! But actually, I've got 3 of those cinchers and hopefully they will last me a while longer. But the 25% off price was very good. About the price I paid for mine at the outlet.

    I have to tell you, I recently found a small lingerie shop in my vicinity. Apparently, it's been there for a while but I did not find out about it until an article in the local paper. Anyhow, I went there and figured I'd get measured. Turns out I'm a 34JJ! Not the 36HH I thought I was. I was told the 36's were too big for me. And in fact, the 34's did feel more comfortable. No digging in of the underwire into my ribs at all! Unfortunately, the only bra they carry in my size is the Fantasie Belle bra. Not my favorite since that gives me bullet boobs! But I did get the bra and it is quite comfortable.

    Finding out my new size, I ordered something from Bravissimo. My favorite bra site, but one that I can only order from periodically because of the high exchange rates. Anyhow, I purchased this bra on sale for about 12 pounds (about $24.00 US dollars):

    It is very cottony. I got it in the 34JJ and so far it is the closest thing to a seamless bra that I've worn. It's got one vertical seam as opposed to the horizontal seam with a half vertical seam from mid cup to the bottom. The seams lay a bit flatterthan most seamed bras, I guess that's why it give an ALMOST seamless appearance. At first is goes on a bit pointy but that goes away after a few washes. So far I've found that it's comfortable and the straps are a bit shorter than most bras I've tried. Just thought I'd tell you about this one but I'll see how it holds up in the long run. I've only had it for about a month now.

    Too bad this brand can't be found on Figleave or Bare Necessities!