Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thank You Anonymous and Harriet and I believe I may have something

Anonymous I will look into that who to contact about bra design soon I hope.
Harriet, I recently looked for someone else to see if Silhouettes delivers in Sweden. And they do!

They have lots of new spring suits separates, dresses and other fashions. You can find a link to Silhouettes in the right column of this page.

First I looked up size conversions and found this handy guide.
Here it appears that a European size 48 is equal to a US size 18. But I do not know if this is 18 misses or 18W, which would have extra inches in the bust, waist and hips.

Silhouettes’ clothing is generously cut. And the fabric is long wear too. I know because I have shirts by Silhouettes I have worn for years and they still haven’t worn out!

They also have this Shapes and Sizes guide under their size charts on this page. There you’ll find inverted triangle women’s shape at the bottom of that page. They offer clothing style suggestions. Quite often when searching Silhouettes, as chat box comes down and perhaps their customer service can suggest specific current styles.

Anonymous and I are also inverted triangle shaped, but large busted. I believe it may be visually the same or similar effect when trying to dress this shape.

Anonymous, if I am recalling this correctly, wrote that a wrap dress works for her. I have not tried that yet myself. Silhouettes suggest fuller skirts and pants. These styles do not work for me with my largish gut. But if you don’t have the gut it might.

The dress at the top of this page now might be an example of what Silhouettes suggest for us inverted triangle shaped women. It has a dark top and a fuller skirt, they also suggest bulky jewelry. They likely have that in accessories.

I have the slender legs and arms, but with wide and padded shoulders. Sound familiar? I am never to sure what looks best myself. I like a suit jacket and a skirt or dress. But I don’t know if it’s the best look for me. Outside of it being what I am most comfortable in for business wear, or even dress wear if I can get away with that.

Worse yet I have fine, straight hair. So when I do look in the mirror what I tend to see is a wee little head atop wide bulky shoulders.

Any suggestions on the hair, for the styling inept, will be greatly appreciated!

Harriet, let me know if you find something at Silhouettes that might work for our shapes! And Anonymous; Any suggestions?

I’ve got to do the dressing up for job interviews soon. So any suggestions for how to best dress the inverted triangle shaped women would be great for both Harriet any myself!

Thank you both again for your kind intentions!

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  1. I remember the interviewing days when a suit was mandatory! Boy did I hate that. I had only 1 suit that actually, sorta fit me. Luckily, things for me are quiet on the employment front and I have not been on an interview for a few years. It could be me, but workplaces seem to be more casual now. I work at a school and things are pretty relaxed there.

    Still, I like to look nice. At least for the most part. One look I relied on (and still do) because of having the extremely large chest, was a nice cardigan with a skirt (of course, with a nice cami under the cardigan). Here's an example of a simple, casual one:

    I also tend to buy colors like black or navy (even tan). I guess I think the stronger color makes up for the fact that it is not an actual "suit jacket." One particular combo I liked was a black cardigan with a black & white small plaid pencil skirt. With black hose and shoes, it really did look professional.

    Here's something else that might work, but it's a little too pricey for me right now. My $$ seems to go to bras!

    Oh and the sequins part is most likely not work friendly! But it's just an example! Sweaters have saved me many times as they are very forgiving for my figure.

    I, too, have pretty straight and fine hair. Though it will frizz up in the humidity. Not too much, just enough to look unkempt. I keep it in a bob that just grazes my shoulders. This makes it look a little bit thicker, at least for me. And I certainly use my share of the hair products -- especially a volumizer.

    I'd love to hear more suggestions on what looks good on us inverted triangles. Any help I can get as I am getting older is greatly appreciated!

    Glad you are back.

    Anonymous, but sign me AquaMarine