Monday, September 28, 2015

Full Figure Fashion Week Videos

Full Figure Fashion Week is something I have been aware of and lack the time to even view the lovely videos of, never mind attend…

That said, this AM on my personal Facebook page I found many excellent videos from this years posted by the very lovely Gwen DeVoe, shared one on this page’s Facebook page, followed Gwen’s and suggest you to the same to enjoy many more of these beautiful examples of full figure style!

As it happens one has to view some, (possibly all?), on YouTube anyway,
so here is one I am current viewing in between stuff I have to get done.

Even viewed in parts, it is a runway show I figure so many more women would enjoy as well! 

I love the direction(s), full figure fashion has taken in this last decade!

Just keeps getting better and better!

What do You Think?


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