Wednesday, September 02, 2015

African Print Full Figure Fashions

At Just My Size and Fashion to Figure, so far

Checking out what deals Just My Size has today, (Free Shipping, no minimum purchase for one), I noticed they had African Print styles in!

Wildly enthused, as I have been following some people on Pinterest who show plenty of those, and loving it, I checked them out. Not bad, off to a good start, but I would also have to add this link to Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s African Inspired Plus Size Clothing post and Refinery29’s Masaari Introduces African Inspired Designs in Sizes6-24,

as well as try to link to what came up on a search of African Plus Size Fashions (I hope that link works so you can get a better idea of what I expected...), when I searched Pinterest.
I wanted to find the related boards I am following regarding this as well, but am running out of time.

What came up at the top when I Googled African Prints in Full Figure Fashions was actually Fashion To Figure.

They do not have an actual place for these, as JMS does, so I am assume it might mean what they have in their Power Prints section…

I am leaving out any abstract leopard like prints here. Both stores do have them.

Some of JMS’ African Inspired Print styles

This side ruched tunic comes in sizes 1X to 4X, as do the dress and other JMS top shown here. This tunic is made of a silky feel, wrinkle resistant fabric.

Their Watercolor print dress comes in is made of a stretchy, silky machine washable fabric.  

This is their ¾ sleeve Melanie top in antique olive.
It comes in this print in a red and gray colors as well.
It has an excellent review from a woman who tells it, great with slacks and skirts, no wrinkles!
This top is nice for its layered look without the bulk.


Some of Fashion to Figure’s Power Print Styles

While I like, and in the case of FTF’s Kyra abstract print dress, love the cut of the dresses tribal and geometric print ruched dresses I am going to show below.

I do not care much for the ruched at the center seam of the back design of these dresses…

Just check it out yourself at FTF These styles below are all currently available in sizes 0 to 3, (12 to 24). You should be able to click on these pictures here to go directly to these styles at each of these stores, where a back, and other, views are available.


Kyra Tribal Print is unique in both its print and the subtle use of the V--neck cross-over neckline that all three of these dresses shown here share.


This is their Zyra Zebra Print dress. I think the abstract and zebra prints make the most of the ruched front of these dress styles!

Currently Fashion to Figure also has:
  • abstract leopard print 
  • Zip front and sweetheart dresses 
  • chiffon top
  • and leggings 
  • as well as other animal abstract and geometric print dresses and a jumpsuit 
in their Power Print department

I will be searching other online stores and sources for more tribal and African print inspired full figure fashions styles, hoping they begin to come in the astonishingly beautiful prints I find on Pinterest, soon!



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