Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ashley Stewart’s Status Print Full Figure Fashions

Something about the chains in the print used in these styles reminds me of Hermes Scarfs.
Hermes scarfs have been worn by royalty and celebrities and the like, (which you can read about in this The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique book available at Amazon), it could be these prints are inspired by some of these beautiful scarfs.

I have been a longtime fan of Hermes scarfs, and occasionally scope them out at eBay stores, where they are no more affordable to me the than above mentioned book about them…

Still, I love browsing them, just in case I win the lottery, which I play, about twice a year if that.
Just in case you are interested: Hermes Silk Scarfs at eBay stores link, for your convenience and mine!

Now here is a look at Ashely Stewart’s oh So Affordable

Status Print Fashions

They have this print, which most reminds me of the above mentioned Hermes scarfs, in this pencil skirt, cold shoulder dress and a jump suit.

All of these, and the other status print dress I will also show, are available in sizes 12 to 26 and on Sale!

 Status Print Pencil Skirt

This is the cold shoulder dress in a similar print style. Cold Shoulder Status Print Dress

This is their Studded Status Print dress, studs at the cap sleeves and subtly asymmetrical cut, side slit hem.

 Studded Status Print Dress

Although this print does not remind me of Hermes scarfs, possibly because the chains in it do not have a sparkly color, I like it a lot. 

These styles are in Ashely Stewarts Modern Classics collection. 
Which also includes: 
  • sheer paisley tunics
  • Suede and Leather Looks
  • Retro Chic looks
  • Mesh cut out tops and Tulle skirts 
and other nice work week styles! 

Here is a picture of a, near, example of a style of Hermes scarf with chain print two of Ashley Stewart’s Status prints reminds me of. 
I found using the above eBay stores link at the top of this post. 

It is a different fall fashion season for me so far! 
Usually I am enjoy the return of plaids at this time of year. 
This year, I am finding more prints I really like! 

How about You? 


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