Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Side Panel Full Figure Bras

Having worn, until recently, Elomi full cup and plunge bras, and Fantasie bras with side panels, essentially a four part cup, rather than 3, I am still a big fan of this style.

The Curvy Kate bras I have been wearing recently do not have them, but I a cannot help but wonder if their styles would be even the shaping of their bra’s cups could be even better with side panels…

Here is a look at some new bra styles, which either mention or not, yet have, side panels!

Three Beautiful Side Panel Full Figure Bras

Both Bare Necessities and Bigger Bras have this beautiful Parfait by Affinitas balconette bra where you can clearly see what I mean by ‘Side Panels’ in its photo below at Bare Necessities. Both stores have it for $49 in the 30 to 40D to G size range.

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If you are a 1st time customer you might be able to get 15% off this style, if their 1st time customer pop up comes up if you click on its picture.

Or you can use Bigger Bras current discount at the left side of their pages to get 10% off it, as Parfait seems to always qualify for their discount!
If you click on the word ‘More’ under the same bra’s picture, it will take you to this style at Bigger Bras! The exclusions from their usual discounts never seem to include Parfait, Elomi, Fantasie, Curvy Kate and many other fine intimate makers!

Underwire Bra, Comfort, Support [More]
Price: $49.00
Sale: $49.00

Elomi’s new Louisa bras have these support side panels, as I believe, most if not all Elomi bras do. These come in the 34G to JJ, 36 to 42E to JJ, (with some large cup sizes missing, such as 40JJ. I would have to assume that, like myself, other women who wear larger cup sizes snatch Elomi’s beautiful bras whenever they can in their sizes!), and 44E, F, FF and G. Being new these are $60…

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So do their Kenza plunge bras, on sale yet still available in many sizes, for $49.95 icon icon 

For what it is worth, I wear Elomi plunge bras to exercise.
Granted I am just weight lifting, and they are a band size too large for me, because they do not make 32s,
I find them comfortable and supportive, for weightlifting.
If I take up aerobics, that will change.

This is Bravissimo’s new print of their Rosie bra style. These come in sizes 30E to JJ and 32 to 40DD to K for $47.35! If you click on its picture to go to it at Bravissimo, and mouse over its left side, you can see its side panel.
You will also see its great review average out of its current 15 reviews!

Bravissimo currently has 10 bra styles that come in sizes up to 40 and 5 of those come up to K cup sizes. With the exception of their popular Alana bras, which actually come in sizes up to 40L, they all appear to have those side panels, when mousing over their pictures.


Would I wear the Curvy Kate bras I have been enthusing about here during exercise, (weight lifting), if they had side panels?
They seem as delicate as the above Bravissimo bra style appears,
where the Elomi plunge bras that, (I did get for less at eBay stores),
I do wear are formidable!

Do any of you have preference for bras with or without side panels?
I feel they provide a slightly different shape.
Both the normal 3 part cups of the Curvy Kate bras I am enjoy now and the side paneled ones I mention above are all good.

That said, I believe the slight difference between cup sizes,
when playing ‘Trying to find just the right new bra size’ goes smoother with the side panels…
that could be just me though

I am curious to know if it is just me, or do they make a difference to anyone else.



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