Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Urban Fashion Sales and Discounts ending today, at 3ish

All the current sales and discounts featured on our urban fashion are ending at 2:59 pm, Apple Bottoms’ and Rocawear’s, and 3 pm., Baby Phat’s and Dereon’s, est. today.

The best deal price wise, (always depends on what you are looking for, but in general), seem to be Dereon’s 14 pages of sale women’s fashions, handbags and footwear, already on sale, but until 3 pm today, with an additional 50% Off!

Click on this, now $13, snap front, poplin top, (comes in white too) to go directly to these sale styles. The full figure fashions start right below the handbags at the top!

Strangely the Baby Phat, B1G1 50% off on select full price items, did not have those select items posted on their site when I started writing this.

Now, a bit later, these styles are posted again!

This is the deal I took advantage of last week, which is rare, if not a 1st, as I usually hold our for deeper cut sale prices…

Anyway, all the New Arrivals qualify, so if you click on this both Best Selling and New Arrival Batwing, Cold Shoulder dress, which comes in sizes 1XL to 4XL,
you will go to New Arrivals, and
FYI, all their Best Sellers in the plus size section qualify too!

For speed and convenience, here are links for the Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms and Rocawear offers that ends at 3pm today:
Baby Phat
Take 25% off all orders over $100 at Apple Bottoms! Offer Ends 7.14.
Take $25 off all orders over $100 at Rocawear! Offer Ends 7.14.

I once had to call Baby Phat regarding a sale price or discount they did not apply to my order.

Their customer service was polite, and they corrected the price on my order promptly.

Sometimes we have to help others keep their word. Do not be shy about it. Be vigilant and save your money!

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  1. Fantastic Cali Polo Dress. I followed through Dereon's new Rouched, off shoulders link from your URBAN FASHION page but I think that offer is no more. Rather there is a similarly colored, short sleeve polo dress at $69.00 and a Cali Show Stopper Romper at the same price. And I dont know if these are discounted prices or not because they dont show any percentage off or something. Any way, many thanks for the info. So helpful.