Thursday, March 04, 2010

Panache and Fantasie award winning Full Figure and Large Cup Size Bras

The Panache Porcelain full figure bras and Fantasie’s #4510, (looks like the balcony style version of their seamless #4500 full figure T-shirt bras), were voted Winners of the 2009 Undies awards for best Full Figure T-shirt bras.

The Undies awards is where you can vote, and judges of the awards do too, on Select, (judge’s pick), and Favorite, (voter’s), pick, intimates. The judges picked the Panache Porcelain bras, which comes in sizes up to 38G. The voters picked the Fantasie #4510, which comes in larger band and cup sizes, up to 40F and up to GG and H cup sizes!

These Porcelain bras are part of Panache’s Super Bra collectioin. I have tried several and the tango pure bra is now just $29.40, but sizes are limited at Bigger Bras. This is one I have I wear quite a lot.

If you click on this Panache Porcelain bra’s picture below, it will take you to Her Room, where you will find a link to the Undies Awards. They have this bra on sale in a wide range of sizes in its chocolate color. Bigger Bras also carries these bras and has a seemly continuous 10% off any size order discount codes on their pages!
Or its new lace trimmed version, below at Bare Necessities, also available at Her Room, for $62.

Bigger Bras carries these, the plain, T-shirt bras, and normally has a 10% off discount available. However Bare Necessities has both styles and this 10% off and free shipping offer below, until 3/15/10.
Bare Necessities

The normal price for these plain T-shirt bras is $56. If you are using US currency, you will find them, in black, white and nude at for $37.37 in sizes 28DD to G and 30 to 38D to G at Bravissimo, here in the right column. Other stores have them in black or nude.

You will find similar savings in prices at Bravissimo on the above mentioned Fantaise bras, both balconette up to GG and H cup sizes, band size up to 38, They have the full cup style in sizes up to 38G and 40, in $41.48 and $34.38 US currency.

Bigger Bras, nearly always a 10% off any size order discount on their pages has these Fantasie bras as well. You can click on their pictures below to read their excellent reviews, Her Room has reviews too, or read more about them.

The Voters of the undies award 2009 best full figure T-shirt bra Fantasie #4510

Nearly the same bra, in its full cup version
Whether you are plus sized or slender, I know, I have been both, Panache and Fantasie bras will give you great support if you need large cup bras. If you are considering a Fantasie bra, check the reviews to see if the style you are considering is true to band size. I have been wearing Panache bras now for a few years, because Fantasie bras are hard to find in J cup sizes. The last time I wore Fantasie bras, or even ordered, then returned, them I found the band sizes at least one size larger than what I wear in a Panache bra.

Not knowing if this has changed, I would check the recent reviews before buying.

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