Friday, March 05, 2010

Igigi and Kiyonna Plus Size Dresses

Igigi and Kiyonna plus size dresses are all styled just for full figure women. They are a bit pricey, and no one wants to spend time bringing returns to the post office.

So let My Shape help you figure out which dresses, and other, styles are right for you! The Igigi dress currently at the top of our dresses page is rated by My Shape as good for all shapes. Igigi has a shape calculator and gives you shape ratings for each piece of apparel too.

My Shape has a princess seamed Igigi dress, recommend for all shapes, very much like this new wrap front Lola Asymmetrical dress, rated by Igigi to be good only for hour glass, rectangle, figure 8 and oval shapes.
Use this Plus size sale to go to Igigi
Here is a picture of the beautiful Lola Asymmetrical dress whose link was here. You will still, (9/2/10) find it available, in some sizes, under dresses at Igigi!

Now My Shape, who offers discount, and whose Personal shopper, (The thing you use to determine which styles are right for you, both physically visually and per your taste), is FREE.

Many of Igigi’s dresses and other are made in limited quantities. My Shape now carriers a good supply of Igigi fashions, especially dresses, so if the style you wanted is sold our at Igigi’s own store, My Shape just might have it in stock!

My Shape has a variety of Kiyonna dresses and tops. They recommend Kiyonna’s Bellini below for all shapes. It comes in 5 colors in sizes up to 5X and gets great ratings from the women who review it.

Womens Plus Sizes Sweet Ruffle Bellini

From: Kiyonna Clothing

My Shape matches your style & fit. Get $25 off $100 plus free shipping!

If you are just interested in getting Igigi, Kiyonna or other designer plus size fashions for less, or when a style you wanted goes out of stock it might be worth a look at Studio Twentynine an eBay store. They carry many designer styles in plus sizes, including Igigi and Kiyonna. So far when I have clicked on fashions featured at Studio Twentynine I find what ever dresses, blouses or pants I was looking into are New With Tags, and much less expensive than I would have found them at Igigi or Kiyonna!

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  1. Those are some beautiful plus size dresses. Really like the blue one.