Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chantelle Bras starting at under $10 in Full Figure Sizes!

I found, new with tags, full figure bras by Chantelle, for just $7.09 and Chantelle large cup size bras for $0.99 at eBay stores. Granted these are bid prices, even the Buy it Now prices at these stores are a fraction of the price of most Chantelle bras. Soon I will be adding these, Chantelle, and other by brand listings to our Full Figure Bras and Plus Size Shapewear at eBay stores page.
For now, here is an example:
Click on this Chantelle, Body Sculpt T-shirt bra #2895 at Ebay link and today you will find 18 of them starting at $12.99, (that one is a bid, in size 38DDD. You can read about Chantelle’s #2895, winner of the Undies award for T-shirt bras, 2007 and 2008
icon,and you can shop for it at Her Room from that link too. You can click on its picture below to shop for it at Bigger Bras. Either way these bras get rave reviews, and cost $68.
Bigger Bras usually gives you a 10% discount code on their pages and carries these bras in white. Her Room carries these bras in sizes 30C to G, but other wise both stores carry them in ebony, toffee, and pink.

You will find these Chantelle bras, #2895, at the link above, today, in band sizes 30 to 40 and cup sizes B to G.

Using either of these links to eBay stores given in this post, you just use eBay’s left column menu, where you will be able to speed up your search by shopping by bra size.

Moreover, this is just one of many highly rated Chantelle bras that come in plus sizes and large cup sizes will find at eBay stores at very nice prices!

Use this Chantelle Bras New With Tags at eBay stores link to find Chantelle lingerie at a fraction of its normal price! For instance, at the top of that page today is a .99cent Chantelle #3691, wild Africa bra in size 32DDD or 32F.

A bit further down is this is this highly rated Chantelle Volupte seamless minimizer, in size 42C, in black for just $9.99 and below it, the same bra in size 36DDD in nude for just $9.99. This bra is available at Bigger Bras, just click on its picture here, in sizes 32-44C, D and E, 32-40F, and 32-38G, for $74.

Actually, for our convenience, I will put the link to Chantelle bras at eBay on this blog page, in the right column, near mid way down. I forgot I already made a place for that sort of thing here!

Her Room has some Chantelle bras on sale; Bigger Bras has some in Clearance, under Chantelle.
This one below is just $30 at Her Room, and available in size 42D. There is just one left of this beautiful, nicely rated soft cup bra. They have others on sale as well.

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