Friday, March 12, 2010

G to N Full Figure Bras, affordable by Goddess!

If you need bras in K cup sizes, there are some nice ones by Panache. Beyond K cup sizes, bras become extremely scarce. These new Jayne Goddess Bras come in sizes up to N. In fact their size range starts at G. Fortunately, (for me!) their band sizes run from 34 to 50!

I found this bra when searching for petite plus size bras at Her Roomicon. Petite Plus Size Bras, there is a concept I will continue to explore! Her Room has picked some for us!

As much as I like Panache bras, they are no where near as affordable as Goddess bras. These new, G to N cup bras are just $39, and the best selling ones below this one is just $38!

Her Room finds this bra comparable to Goddess’ best selling Splendid Florals soft cup bras below, but it comes in sizes up to 52J, and other J cup sizes only.

Thinking of affordability, I had to try this: Yep another eBay link
Click on this New with Tags Goddess Bras at eBay to see what they have New With Tags in Goddess Bras today!
Save your money, or use it for more of whatever it is you want!

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