Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new wrinkle in the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Figure Bra

I know I just gripped about this full figure bra., but yesterday afternoon I was really fuming! I wore mine, with a t-shirt, under my Baby Phat denim vest. Then I gently hand washed and hung it dry. Yesterday I was planning to wear it under a t-shirt and loose fit washed linen vest.

Nope! Now those pesky, pointy air pocket tips of this, formerly excellent, full fit bra have dimples! I pushed them back out and they just sunk back in again!

This may still work under my heavy Baby Phat vest, but it is just a little too hot for that now.

Later I wondered if this bra would still work under what appears to be this lighter weight denim Baby Phat wrap dress.

Right now lots of Baby Phat’s pages say “4th of July Sale, Extra 10% off all plus size apparel, till 7/7/08
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Glamour’s July issue, page 62, recommends a Silhouettes’ short sleeve, notched collar wrap dress for us full figure women. A reader of this blog, earlier this year did the same when I was troubled about how to dress the size and shape I have become for business causal. She has an inverted triangle shape too.

Strangely I can not find this Silhouettes dress pictured in the Glamour issues mentioned above yet. Not too strangely, I never got around to getting a few summer dresses for work either. I would have loved to have a dress or two to avoid the whole, “Gee this shirt really does not go with this skirt…” thing that kept happening. Now I am between assignments, so it will have to wait, for me anyway.

Currently Avenue has a wide variety of dresses I’d love to try. I have pictured some of them on this plus size dresses, page. One of those dresses is a reversible! It’s solid on one side, a flattering print on the other! Like Silhouettes, they often have discounts featured in their banners on that same dress page. Baby Phat’s discounts can be found at their New Special Offers link in their left column.

Dress code at my next job permitting, Baby Phat's Sale section and Web Exclusives is where I plan to liven up, hopefully both, my business and casual wear. OK so I brought the same skirt in 3 colors and the same t-shirt in black and 3 other colors. It, with the twin sets mentioned last month, worked for the most part. It was a start.

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