Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Excellent Full Figure Bra takes a bad turn

Ever have it happen: The local pizzeria gets it just right, or you find the perfect product. Then the pizzeria changes its recipe or the product goes away? That’s just what seemed to happen with the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Full Figure Bra. I sure was enthused earlier this year about their going up to H cup sizes! Then I got mine.

I wondered if it was just the new H cups that were pointy. I found, clicking on this bra's picture, scrolling down and read the Very Strange Shape review: It is not just me. But the reviewer does not mention the bra size she tried.


Then if you click on the picture of this formerly excellent full figure bra you can scroll down and read the reviews. There, at Her Room, where it seems nearly all reviews include bra size, I found this one. From Hanna June 2008, wears a size 32E. She, like myself: experienced the Pointy cups with little air pockets at the end. So its not the new H cup size.

It is a shame. This bra did not have pointy cups a year or two ago. Well for me it’s still comfy. But where exactly do I want to be seen with a pointy bust? I have found one shirt I feel comfy being seen with this bra on in. I will wear it under a vest.

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