Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AquaMarine, I agree Bare Necessities is a fine place to shop Large Cup Bras too!

I’ve enjoyed good shopping at Bare Necessities this year my self. I also found exchanges and returns went smoothly! But for some reason Figleaves has Fantasie’s Olivia balcony style large cup bras, GG to J cup sizes at a full $19 less than Bare Necessities. That both stores at full price. Like wise the Fantasie Anna balcony large cup bra, E to GG cup sizes, is $17 less at Figleaves.

I have had a protracted wait on a bra from Figleaves years ago. They finally got it to me, then sent along a 15% discount on my next order code as an apology for my wait. This year they sent just as swiftly as Bare Necessities did! So I guess they handled that sort of problem!

Both stores are nice to shop. I’ll compare stock and prices here on their large cup, full figure bras and other intimates as best I can.

This Freya Arabella plunge bra is on sale in large cup sizes at both Bare Necessities and Figleaves in 2 colors. It’s $29 at, but nearly out of stock in those colors. If you click on it’s picture below you’ll find it at Bare Necessities for $41.99, a lesser savings, but still in stock in more sizes.

I notice that Figleaves full price on this bra is $2 less than Bare Necessities. Perhaps they can get full figure bras at better prices somehow?

Bare Necessities often has a Discontinued Colors section. That makes it easy to check up on bras and other intimates you might like to try, but a better prices than full. Currently you can find it by clicking on this banner. Then look to the lower left of the page it takes you to you’ll find “Discontinued Colors of Best Selling Styles”.
Bare Necessities
I’ve enjoyed excellent savings on large cup bras by doing this often.

Bare Necessities’ Clearance section is checking out too!
Bare Necessities

AquaMarine! It is nice to hear from you again! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful summer!

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  1. Well thank you for pointing me to the Discontinued Styles/Color tag. I have to say I would never have thought to check something like that as I assume there would be nothing in my size. However, I did snag that Arabella bra a few weeks ago from Figleaves! Very pretty! I guess it's best to just keep checking the sites regularly to find a bargain. Luckily, you have helped with that!

    My summer, so far, has been fun. Been going quickly, but fun nevertheless. Thank you for asking. I hope yours is going well also!

    And yes, it drives me crazy when I see the price discrepancies between the websites. I can't figure out how they determine those things. But I am glad they are starting to carry larger sizes that go up to a J. Used to be, a G was it on most US sites.

    I don't know if you've ever tried Breakout Bras. They offer 15% off and free shipping every time. I have always had good luck with them, but I've read some of their ratings as people have complained about never being informed when products are discontinued or backordered. But as I said, I've been lucky and have never had a problem. They have a limited stock but I noticed they added some bathing suits this summer. It's nice to know there's another place to look for large cup bras -- they're so hard to come by.......