Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quest for pockets in plus size women, ok any women’s fashions, revisited

My daughter saw right through me when I asked what she’d think of me wearing the mini skirt, overall style I last wrote about. Yep! She knew I’d mess up the shape of it with my wallet in my back pocket and my keys in my front! What she said was it’s fine if we happen to be on a farm..

Then 2 days later she selected a denim jumper she has made along the same lines. She decided, with a nice enough shirt, and not too much stuff in my pockets, an overall mini skirt would actually look just fine on me.

How did I get pocket obsessed? Am I alone in this? Alone in the obsessed part, perhaps. Alone in wanting pockets in my apparel, no. Just last week found me discussing with another mother the problem of no pockets in women’s swimwear. I did tell her that Junonia
does have plus size board shorts now with a zippered back mesh pocket. These board shorts are also sun, salt and chlorine resistant! Junonia has them in their swimwear under cover ups now.

She, the other mother, like myself, do not understand why it is, that with all the beautiful plus swimdresses out there now….why no one has put a zipper pocket in between the swimsuit’s skirting and swim brief??

This is how I became obsessed with wearing pockets. I like my hands free. And that was before having a child. And I became completely spoiled by wearing a vest like the one you’ll see here. Except the ones I found over the years never had removable sleeves!!

Many years of wearing multi pocket vests will spoil you. Now that I know where to get one…haven’t told my daughter yet……

A little feed back ladies, if you would

How do you think this vest would look with a pair of black leggings capri length with lace trimmed hem. has a nice, inexpensive pair in full figure sizes!

And my favorite high heels
Sofft - Caitlyn (Manna Tan) - Women's

High heels that get excellent reviews for comfort and appearance from 8 women reviewers and myself. I love mine! They come in 3 other colors in wide, medium and narrow widths!

I should wear a nice blouse…. Well I’ll get there someday. Knowing me it’ll be a t-shirt first.

Perhaps I can develop a style of my own, that is acceptable by my daughter. I know it likely strikes you as a bit off…dressing for one’s daughter. But she cares more about my appearance than I do. I just care about comfort. But then she actually sees me quite often. I almost only see me when I brush my teeth. How would I know?

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