Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New SWAK Fall Fashions

I tend to think of SWAK styles as gracefully flowing, but I am finding they have some form fitting styles shown as well!
I also like the point Gabi Fresh makes about drop-waist, sack and other shapeless dresses I found here.

While not as form fitting as Monif C. fashions, yet more flowing than Kiyonna’s You can go browse their fall styles using this SWAKDesigns Fall 2014 fashions link!

Or check view their video below and enjoy the nice guitar piece as well!

I agree with Gabi Fresh, in that while form fitting is nice, why feel one has to dress that way daily?

What do you think?
I like variety as an option and am glad full figure fashion options seem to be getting better in recent years!



Friday, October 24, 2014

New 30% Off Markdowns on Great Full Figure Bras

Sometimes it’s worth it to get up early and finding Bare Necessities new 30% Markdowns on excellent bras such as Elomi’s Rita and Caitlyn, Panache’s Tango II, Freya’s Gem and many more bra styles by these and other excellent brands such as Wacoal, Chantelle, Le Mystere, Fantasie and more!
Their left column menu at this sale tells us they have 64 plus size bras and 173 DD+ bras! Here are two best-selling bras in both their plus size and DD+ selections I do not believe I have shown here before.

Wacoal’s Basic Beauty Bras

These bras have a 4.3 star average out of their current 131 reviews. If you click on the picture of this bra you will find it on sale for $32.99 in purple and violet and available in the 32 to 44C to H size range!

This is one of the current 26 Wacoal bras just newly marked down at Bare Necessities.

Chantelle’s C Magnifique Minimizer Bras

These bras are on sale for $46.99 in their crimson, this pale blue shown below and pink colors and available in the 32 to 44C to H size range there.  

This is one of the 19 Chantelle bras I am finding newly marked down today.

OMG! They even have 15 in my hard to find, at sales especially, bra size. 15!
This almost never happens!

I would shop this sale by your bra size, also found in their left column menu, to get the best selection in your size at this excellent markdown!

Today they have the New Markdowns pop up to direct you to the current 235 bras. I guess in future you can just shop their Sale department to find them.



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Freya Deco’s New Convertible J Hook Full Figure Bras

Freya’s Deco bras are favored by Bust 4 Justice blog which you can read about in their Freya Deco: Everyday Delight post. The Deco molded plunge bras is an Undies Award winning style at Her Room. You can use this Freya Deco bras in 7 colors at Her Room icon link to read about their award winning style in find them on sale in 4 of those colors. Freya Deco’s new version gives us a convertible J hook!

This means we can wear this bra as a racer back style, (which adds extra support!), as well as normal back style! I am only finding this style in sizes up to 38G and 36GG so far.

If you are interested in larger band and cup sizes bras, check out my post about Up to K and JJ Muli-Way and Convertible Strap Bras post.

Deco Vibe at Her Room, in 3 colors

I prefer the excellent bra descriptions at Her Room, and this time they have one review already and have this bra in black, blush and mocha colors! Click on its picture to find it there in sizes 28 and 30D to GG, 32 to 36B to GG and 38D to G! icon icon

You can also click on its picture below to find it at Bare Necessities in most of the 28 to 38DD to GG size range in black and mocha.
Currently both of these bras are $69 at either store. I have looked around a bit and so far am only finding it at these two stores.

If you need pressure off parts of your shoulder that you bras dig into often, or as with me, daily, the J hook convertible style seems to do this for many women who review the styles in the post about them, (K and JJ cup ones), I provided a link to near the top of this post.

This means the J hook convertible bra can give us more than just more bra friendly fashion choices. These bras can take some weight off parts of our shoulders that likely would appreciate that break!



Friday, October 17, 2014

Free E.L.F. 147 Eye Makeup Set

This means a highly rated 144 color eye shadow pallet, (that enough colors to play with?), plus their equally highly rated Essential Brightening Eyeliner, Studio eye shadow C brush and Essential Volumizing and Defining Mascara set are available to us Free with our purchase of $25.

This is just a picture of this kit, but you can click on the text link of their offer below, or this Free Shipping on orders $40 or more. No promo code necessary. if you like, to go to it at E.L.F.

With a possible few brush set exceptions, I find the hard part of taking advantage of their steals, deals, and freebees is making up an order of the necessary $25 worth of their products to qualify.

There is a reason we can find their Studio Stripple brush below in Allure’s Best of Beauty: 20 Epic Beauty Steals under $5.

I find most of their products I want to try are $2 to $3, and that brush is $3.

With that in mind you might have need of some of the E.L.F. products Allure likes, which you can check out here, in case you are stumped too, as to what else you might like to try from them to be able to take advantage of their current Get the 147pc Endless Looks Kit FREE with code ENDLESS on orders $25+ offer.

E.L.F. Award Winning Studio Stripple Brush $3

This Stripple brush is one of Allure’s 2014 Best of Beauty Award Winners! e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush 

They have other brushes too of course.
E.L.F. makeup and beauty products are often favored by Allure, and other magazines, which you can check out here


I enjoy their makeup daily, (so far eyebrow kit and eye shadows), and highly recommend their products too. 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I found In Search of Tap Panties

Upon viewing Curves and Chaos’ Sneak Peek: Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant Lookbook post lately I had to see if my personal favorite, tap panties, were making a come back! It appears they are not yet. Although if you also like tap panties, Sophie Theallet’s version at Lane Bryant is the one place I am finding them! This is what I found of interest, in terms of sexy lingerie type panties, rather than cotton every day styles I tend toward…

Alluring and Erotic yet Affordable Panties up to 4X

The most shocking thing for me was to find pearl thong panties, in sizes up to 4X, (51 to 54 inch hips!), for $10, rather than $80!

Hips and Curves currently has a deal on a variety of lace up back cheeky panties such as this style below, 3 for $30, available in other colors too, in sizes up to 6X! This style of panty is also available at this special 3 for price in a stretch lace version too, and both are available, for the same special prices, in crotchless styles as well.
Actually for pretty panties Hips and Curves have great deals such as the above and also 4 for $26 on some less erotic styles as well. I do not know how long those deals will last…

That said if you were thinking of trying the cage back panty styles, theirs are $24.95 each, yet in sizes up to 6X! This is one of their currently three, one is a white bridal style, cage back panties.

If you only wanted to try one lace back style these Oh La La Cheri stretch lace boy shorts below come in sizes up to 4X, (same brand as the above mentioned pearl thong, fits up to 54 inch hips), in red, pink and black.

If you click on their picture below you will find them at Her Room for $11! While not exactly a cage back, a bit of a m icon icon This is a crotchless style above is only pictured with the pearl thong underneath for modesty.

Pretty Panty Styles and Steals

Naturally Hips and Curves is not the only place that has nice deals on pretty panty styles.
If you click on this All Over Lace Boy Short panty you will find it for, currently 3 for $30 at Her Room, in 7 colors, sizes up to 4X, which in this brand means 53 inch to 55 inch hips! This style has excellent reviews, from full figure women! icon This is panty also shows up as their #2 Best Selling Plus Size Boy Short.
# one being Barely There’s Flawless Fit Boy Short .
You can also search by other styles of panty at Her Room, besides boy shorts, but so far, with the exception of:
  • the two Oh La La Cheri styles
  • Matching panties of various bra collections 

It is very much a matter of personal choice between high waist styles that come up in lace, with some lace at the waist and or thigh and bikini style choices as to what variety of pretty one likes…

To me anyway, unless I am missing something, in which case, please let me know by commenting here!

Hips and Curves does have great deals on similar styles as well, in sizes up to 6X. You might want to check them out here.
buy plus size panties on sale

I also like to check out the plus size sexy lingerie section at Bare Necessities. Doing so using this Extra 21% Off at could not hurt.
Many of their styles in full figure lingerie are pricier, but not always and they often have sales and discounts!

In case you are not familiar with tap pants, this satin bottom of a Seven ‘til Midnight satin cami set up to size 4X icon at Bare Necessities is the closest I have seen to them besides the Lany Bryant style that got me looking into panties again.

This is just a small picture from this set, because the larger pictures from it have like mile long urls. If you use the text link to go to that set, you can get a better view.

However, as this is meant for sleep and lounging, I doubt it would be great for panties, such as the tap panties I had worn under skirts in the past…oh well, maybe later.

Anyway, I am glad I Curves and Chaos, Sophie Theallet and Lane Bryant got me looking.

I think I have wearing plain old cotton for too long. Now that I find more enchanting styles are available at affordable prices, I will be looking more often and sharing the results here.



Friday, October 10, 2014

Chicnova for Plus Size Fashions?

I had been checking out Chicnova - Women's Street Fashion Store for a while. They do not have a Plus Size department, if you go to Clothing there you can shop from there by size, up to 5XL or 42 Euro size, which by their size chart is 12 US.
Each item tends to have a size breakdown, often in inches as well as centimeters. I have been using this centimeters to inches conversion tool while browsing some of their styles.

Like all stores, they have sales and now they have some discounts available as well!

They have a wealth of cool accessories we can Get 31% off fashion bag or jewelry, enter ACC1008 at checkout, which start at $5.

Here are some styles I like that are already on sale, or nicely priced even full, in sizes up to XXXL at Chicnova

Cool Tops and Booties

If you though your strapless bras had most of the fall and winter off, check out these tops! This is just a picture of their $10.50 Boat Neck Off the Shoulder Top, which comes in sizes up to 3XL, (bust 37 inches).

This top was $15 full price!

Their PU Leather Split Joint Rose Lace Crop Top is still $18 full price and available in sizes up to 3XL, which in this top’s description measures 38.58 inches.

This bold graphic T is also available in sizes up to 3XL,which for that one measures 44.88 inches. It was $19 and is on sale for $13.30!

So you see how you can save, if you like the styles there, it is just worth it to check each item’s measurements given.
Nice of Chicnova to measure each size too!

I am partial to these faux leather high heeled booties, to the point that, if they were mine, I’d wear them wherever I am not driving!

These are on sale for $69.75, down from $93 These are available in Euro sizes 34 to 40 which equals 4.5 to 9.5 in US women’s sizes. That info is right in their footwear’s descriptions!

This is just a picture of these booties, which we can find under Accessories at Chicnova!

Example, Five 3XL Dresses We Get for Less

With this Chicnova $22 off, Dresses without discount over $66, enter dress1010 at checkout discount link, sorting by size to check out 3XL, I found 5 dresses, 4 of which, ($21 to $42, nice without the discount!), are already on sale!
The 5th one is a modest, lace swing dress for $118, which you could apply this discount to.
They likely have more to choose from in other sizes as well.

I am partial to this backless dress available in 5 colors, in size 3XL for $20.80! See what I mean about some of their prices? This is just a picture of this dress.

If you click on How to Measure, at each item’s description, you can view their size comparison chart. I still find this centimeters to inches conversion tool helps.
I like there styles and prices and they have a good return policy and apparently frequent buyers discount of a sorts as well!

Well, what do you think of their fashions and accessories?


Monday, October 06, 2014

Enjoy $10 to $40 Off Fashion to Figure’s Affordable Trendy Styles

If you are looking for affordable mesh and cutout, animal print, white and black chic, peplum, lace or faux leather styles, you can shop by these trends and find them affordable even before using this Save up to $40 when you spend $120 or more with code ANNIVERSARY at during the FTF Anniversary Shop and Save Event!
If you do you will find it is a tiered discount during which we can get $10 off orders of $50 or $20 off purchases of $80 or the above-mentioned $40 Fashion to Figure’s already affordable at full price plus size fashions!

I like this totally unexpected Hounds tooth Peplum corset top.
A fall favorite, this chic top features a classic black and white houndstooth pattern w... [More]
Price: $24.50

Considering these are already down to sizes 2X and 3X, not surprising, as they are unique and just $24.50 at full price.

I am just going to leave this post at that. I encourage you to go to FTF and enjoy these savings on their trendy fashions before soon, rather than waste more time showing them here.

This FTF discount is good until 10/13/14 and only excludes Squeem and Spanx, but otherwise, it’s a great deal!

Enjoy it soon!


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Up to 80% Off an Excellent selection of Full Figure Bras

And more, but just This Weekend! Bigger Bras, who I explained a bit about in my last post here, is having a fantastic savings event this weekend! Use their This Weekend only! Up to 80% off on Bras, Panties, and Swimsuits! Deals end October 5, 2014. link to enjoy their Annual Clearance Event featuring Bras $5 to $30, Swimwear $15 to $40 and Undies $5 to $15 In fact, they make shopping this event extra fast and easy. Read under this bra pictured below for the quick guide.

Here is a nice example, searching size 40D, I found Curvy Kate’s Undies Award Winning at Her Room, (which you can find using this Curvy Kate Princess bras at Her Room link icon, where it available in many colors, at full price, $68 in the 30 to 40D to K, 42 and 44D to G size range Princess bras, This weekend we can enjoy these great bras in black, white and nude, still available in many sizes, for $30 at this Bigger Bras event.

You could go straight to this style, at this sale price there, by clicking on the word 'More' under its picture below, this weekend at least.
Underwire, Three Section Cup, Sheer Cups, Adjustable Straps [More]
Price: $68.00
Sale: $68.00

Quick Guide to Browsing this sale

Just click on their text link above
  • Scroll down a bit
  • You will find you can shop quickly
  • By Selecting your bra size to find bra and Swimwear for you at this sale
  • And your panty size to shop panty and swim bottom styles on sale for you! 
Actually this turns out to be the best way to shop this event, so far as I can tell.

You get the idea. Enjoy this Weekend!


Thursday, October 02, 2014

20% Off Orders of Up to $100 at Big Girls Bras!

Big Girls Bras posted on their pages or Bigger Bras, (in their URL) has a wide variety of excellent full figure bras and more! Now they have a 20% Off orders up to $100 code on their home page, (Bigger Bras), good until 10/5/14!
This is on their in stock styles only and they encourage us to shop their sale styles and get more for our money!

The first page of their sale styles shows plenty of Curvy Kate, Glamorise and other great brands and styles. It also has bras by brands like Chantelle, Elomi, Le Mystere, Cleo and more. Worth Browsing!

While they have plenty of brands, here is a look at some of their, mostly up to G and two highly rated up to 40K bras by Parfait by Affinitas.
Their bras are mostly in the $38 to $50 price range at full price.
Great prices for bras in these size ranges, made even nicer with this discount! They have Parfait bras I have shown here before and many new styles in sizes 30 to 40D to G. Here is a look at some of these styles.

Two Parfait up to K Cup Bras

Bigger Bras has Parfait’s Charlotte bras in four colors in sizes 28 to 40D to K, for $38! This style has 2 excellent reviews, except on reviewer is not thrilled with its appearance. Both women use this bra for every day and as T-shirt bras.
Padded, Underwire, Push Up [More]
Price: $38.00
Sale: $38.00

They have Parfait’s Sophie bras in black, nude and pearl white in sizes 30 to 40D to K for $49. This pretty style has one excellent review so far!
Underwire, Lace, Semi Sheer [More]
Price: $49.00
Sale: $49.00

Bigger Bras does give us a bra size comparison chart which says these Parfait bra cup sizes run the same size as Fantasie and Freya.
This bra’s reviewer found the Sophie bra above to be a bit small in the cup but says she will definitely purchase again, in a larger cup size.

Their Tamara half padded bra comes in black and white. I have to admit, if I ever get down to a G cup size, I am looking forward to trying this one. Back to reality:
These simply beautiful bras come in sizes 30 to 40D to G and are $42 at Big Girls Bras!
Half Padded, Lace Insets, Shelf [More]
Price: $42.00
Sale: $42.00

Smooth Plunge, Strapless and T-Shirt Bra Styles

All the following bra styles come in sizes 30 to 40D to G and they both the plunge and strapless bras below have a heart accent at their center gores! Parfait’s molded plunge bras are $40 in their nude, black and navy colors and $45 in their panther print style.
Molded, Plunge, Underwire [More]
Price: $45.00
Sale: $45.00

This strapless style comes in nude or black, with removable straps and is $48 full price.
Strapless, Contour, Underwire [More]
Price: $48.00
Sale: $48.00

This is one of the Parfait T-Shirt bras Bigger Bras has. This one appears to be low in available sizes and comes in cocoa and ivory colors for $50. They have another one there from their Sophia lingerie collection. The 2nd bra, in the up to K cup size range, shown on this page is from that collection as well.
Bra, T-Shirt [More]
Price: $50.00
Sale: $50.00

Big Girls bras also has, by Parfait:
  • Bras in new fall prints, lacy styles
  • A beautiful satin long line the rest of its lingerie collection
  • Naturally matching panties 

The rest of each collection is visible from each bra style; as in, if you click “More” below any of the bra pictures above, you can view the other intimates Bigger Bras has in that lingerie collection on the lower right side of each page. This is a feature I also enjoy about Figleaves!

This discount ends soon, 10/5/14.