Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Freya Deco’s New Convertible J Hook Full Figure Bras

Freya’s Deco bras are favored by Bust 4 Justice blog which you can read about in their Freya Deco: Everyday Delight post. The Deco molded plunge bras is an Undies Award winning style at Her Room. You can use this Freya Deco bras in 7 colors at Her Room icon link to read about their award winning style in find them on sale in 4 of those colors. Freya Deco’s new version gives us a convertible J hook!

This means we can wear this bra as a racer back style, (which adds extra support!), as well as normal back style! I am only finding this style in sizes up to 38G and 36GG so far.

If you are interested in larger band and cup sizes bras, check out my post about Up to K and JJ Muli-Way and Convertible Strap Bras post.

Deco Vibe at Her Room, in 3 colors

I prefer the excellent bra descriptions at Her Room, and this time they have one review already and have this bra in black, blush and mocha colors! Click on its picture to find it there in sizes 28 and 30D to GG, 32 to 36B to GG and 38D to G! icon icon

You can also click on its picture below to find it at Bare Necessities in most of the 28 to 38DD to GG size range in black and mocha.
Currently both of these bras are $69 at either store. I have looked around a bit and so far am only finding it at these two stores.

If you need pressure off parts of your shoulder that you bras dig into often, or as with me, daily, the J hook convertible style seems to do this for many women who review the styles in the post about them, (K and JJ cup ones), I provided a link to near the top of this post.

This means the J hook convertible bra can give us more than just more bra friendly fashion choices. These bras can take some weight off parts of our shoulders that likely would appreciate that break!



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